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She's the Girl

February 27, 2017
By AliseBotbyl BRONZE, Fennville, Michigan
AliseBotbyl BRONZE, Fennville, Michigan
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She's the girl who is loyal. who will make mistakes but never terrible ones. she will push people farther up there path but will never follow. she's the girl who will let everyone borrow a pencil. she is patience and beauty. although she isn't always quiet, she isn't always recognized fo rit. she's the girl who would go to the movies and laugh. who would get yelled at by everyone because she was loud. she's the girl who makes sure everyone is alright but never gets asked the same. she's the girl who sits in the back of the class. who knows more than she says and who thinks more than she says. she's wonder and wander. she never maked the same mistake twice. she's the girl who willsmile but on teh inside she's crying. she tries fitting in but ends up in her own world. she's lost in her daydreams.  she's wandering wiht curiosity on her shoulders. she's the evening sun, the nights starry sky. she's snow on your eyelashes and rain in your hair. she's flowers blooming and clouds passing. she's her hair color and her favorite hobby. She's the girl who has a mind of her own. who doesnt care about what others think of her. she's the girl who will keep secretes with everyone but will never tell. she's the girl who will deal with everybody's problems along with her own. She's surviving in her own little world just fine. 

The author's comments:

my best friend inspired me to write this. i hope people will feel more secure about themselves. 

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