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The Names on the Playbill MAG

By Anonymous

Thereis so much to be done.
Being busy is the success that matters.
"Whoare you?" means "What have you done?"
Give me your titles so Ican file and class you.
Am I higher? Your rank is too near mine.
Does aa'come before aan'?

Here is no El Dorado with plenty for everyone.
Whatyou have must be taken and kept.
I am a student, high honors. I am a DistrictChampion.
I am beautiful. I am a millionaire.
I am a doctor, a lawyer, anOlympian, a valedictorian.
I am asuccess.
          Am I aperson?

Twenty-four years of power are all that matter.
Do I look asthough I am happy? Sometimes I am not sure.
I wear my mask through thisflickering candle flame.
Slowly it becomes a part of me, because this is myworld.
     "How are youtoday?"
     "Actually, I am not thatwell."
     "Good, I'm glad. I'm fine,too."

The gray inside of me is slanting and growing.
Lights Iknew are fading, as I hold to all that matters.
But the solid black supportsare cracking.
They crumble to ashes and dust.
Is this all they ever were?
Now I am not so well.
Where are the people to drag me out of this abyss?
They are busy accumulating names.
Owner, banker, entrepreneur,philanthropist,
Columnist, prodigy, star, intern, chemist.
The names areall that matter - "What are you?"
     Where are the people?

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