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The Most Desired Thing In The World

August 11, 2013
By Truth_and_Love SILVER, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Truth_and_Love SILVER, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
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Love is probably the most desired thing in the world, save for food and water. Those are two basic things we all need. Actually, we probably need love to, or at least have a strong desire for it. The thing is, we don't always find it. I have found it before and you probably have too. We've all probably at least loved and felt love from our family, but we want more than that. We want someone to love in a romantic way; in a sexual manner. We want someone to make love to. The issue is that we can't always find it when we want to. From what I've heard and experienced, most of the time you can't. I think the real problem is that no one is real. When you meet a guy or a girl you like, you immediately change the way you act. Your voice might deepen a little or might push your chest out a little more. You do this so they will be attracted to you. So you will give off confidence and hopefully sexually attract the other person. After some time, you might start to think that you are truly yourself around this other person. You think that everything is going well and so do they, but then you might have a fight and break up, or maybe you resolve the issue, but there is a crack in your relationship. It is like an object with a dent. The object is fine. You can use the object, but that dent is that, and when you think of that dent, you are irritated. Over time your love grows and then weakens. You walk outside one day and lust for another, but you don't want to hurt that other person, or get yourself in trouble, so you don't do anything about that, but your attention from that other person is fading. You think constantly, even if things are seemingly fine, that your relationship is crumbling. Even when times are good you wonder when they might collapse. Some of us keep these worries inside. Some of us share them with our partner or friend, but that never stops it. The only want to stop it is to be confident in yourself. You don't be confident by puffing out your chest or deepening your voice. You become confident once you are self aware. Aware of how you affect others. You might find that you do mean, hurtful things, but you realize that you can't stop doing that and do something good. When you become a good person, you can start to love yourself. Once you love yourself, you are confident and they will see it. This is the only way to stop those concerns and worries. This is how you become very attractive and you don't even have to worry about it, so instead of trying to find a partner, first try to find yourself, so you can actually enjoy the other person and stop focusing on your self. When this happens, when you love yourself, and you find things in yourself in other people, you will love them and that thing that is the most desired thing in the world will be your's.

The author's comments:
I've noticed in my own relationships and others that people often worry a lot about themselves. They worry about losing the one they feel so much for, even if things are going okay. In this short piece I wrote, I try to figure out why and how to prevent that.

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on May. 7 2014 at 12:34 pm
TaylorWintry DIAMOND, Carrollton, Texas
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"Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby." - Unknown

I like how you speak to the reader; that's usually not a preference for non-fiction writing, but i like the way you have it now. I also like how it's from a guys point of view. So many girls write about love that it's interesting to see it from the other perspective. That makes a lot of sense, when you talk about people lusting for others that they aren't with. Then, their relationship starts to fall apart. That's so realistic and you captured it quite excellently. Then, I love how you tell the truth. You tell what actually happens (or how it should) and you're not afraid to be blatantly honest with the audience. That's amazing. Oh, aww. That's really the truth, and it may hurt, but it's great. This is so good. Wow. Great job. I'll be reading more.

on Aug. 14 2013 at 5:38 pm
Truth_and_Love SILVER, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
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That makes me so glad to hear, girl. Your response makes me so happy. I'm glad you were able to relate. I love it when my work provokes a genuine emotional response in people. Thanks for checkin out my piece.

on Aug. 14 2013 at 5:30 pm
CatchAFallingStar PLATINUM, Pearland, Texas
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"If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was." - Unknown

This is so true. I've felt this way many times. Thanks for posting this, it really got to me. 

on Aug. 14 2013 at 5:19 pm
AcidRoses SILVER, Elmont, New York
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"Many that live deserve death and some that have died deserve life, can you give that to them? Do not be to hasty to deal out death and judgement, even the very wise cannot see all ends."

"Can't get no more free randy!"

You know, the part about the object with the dent really spoke to me because its similar to something that was going on with me and my recently ex-girlfiriend. Everything was going okay but I just didn't feel any attraction towards her but I didn't want to rock the boat either. I also agree that when you want to love someone you have to love yourself first. It's kinda sad to see a relationship when someone doesn't even love themselves... never works out :/ Anyways XD Great job. I agree 100%