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The Clown

November 29, 2017
By b00kw0rm4 GOLD, Sacramento, California
b00kw0rm4 GOLD, Sacramento, California
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I’d never thought that walking in the dark alone would be a bad idea. I guess i was wrong about that.

School just ended and I’m on the street walking home alone and in the dark. Usually I wouldn’t walk home in the dark but it was a wednesday, which means that nobody was home because there was a party that my family had to go to. The dark was not one of my scariest fears because I kind of like being in the dark. But as I walked across the street I felt this weird feeling that somebody was following me. Every time I would look back nothing was there but I knew that something or someone was flowing me.

“....URIAHHHH....”, a faint noise of hatred whispered behind me. I turned around to see who it was. No one was there. I looked around, my eyes keeping focus everywhere, and my feet trembling to stand.

“WHERE ARE YOU GOING….” it whispered again but there was nothing there. It was just me and the dark.
“ Who’s there?!” I yelled feeling confused and scared at the same time. The faint noise made a mischievous laugh and it echoed at every directions.

“BOOM!” a gun was fired. I looked around to see where the gun was fired. And there it was… a clown was standing a few blocks ahead of me standing where there was only light from the only street pole.

I hate clowns, I thought. From where I was standing I could see the scary smile that the clown was making. His costume looked dirty but colorful. His hair, well, he had no hair but a red afro wig. White makeup on his face and his eyes…. His eyes was so devilish that you could see the devil himself. The street pole was blinking on and off making him even more terrifying.

I took a few step back slowly waiting for a good moment to run. But when the street pole turned off for a few minute and turned backed on the clown wasn’t there. Now!!! I told myself to run but my feet couldn’t move. I felt a cold substance behind my head and I knew. It was a gun pointed to my head.

“Gotcha” the clown said. He began to laugh and laugh and laugh. That’s when he pulled the trigger and the last thing I heard was his  mischievous laugh.

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on Nov. 30 2017 at 2:26 pm
ahmontgomery PLATINUM, Eminence, Kentucky
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I think this piece could use some work. Some of the things that were capitalized made no sense to me. It seems a little cliche and close to IT. You also were really repetitive. Keep working!