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Kappa Alpha Die

November 11, 2017
By princetaylor GOLD, Ormond Beach, Florida
princetaylor GOLD, Ormond Beach, Florida
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I pushed past people dancing against each other while chugging from beer cans, wondering why I accepted my classmate’s invitation to come. I could be home, attempting to decipher my professor’s speech notes or watching horror movies on my laptop. I grabbed a can of beer from the kitchen counter and took a swig. Just as I did, a girl shoved past me, spilling my drink all over my shirt. She looked back at me and scoffed, continued walking towards the sea of people. I called out to her over the loud music, following her, attempting to mend my shot ego. I once again became consumed by the crowd of drunk, sweaty college students as I attempted to keep my eyes on her through the crowd. I pushed someone who’s body stood in front of mine. They turned towards me with wild, hungry eyes and an ominous smile. I turned on my heel to flee quickly, but my foot got caught on someone else’s sneaker, sending me crashing to my knees. I hissed in pain and looked up to see the crowd had parted and in front of me stood the girl from before. She carried a giant book of old parchment barely holding together in her frail arms. “Welcome to Kappa Alpha Die. To join; you must sacrifice your life,” she said through a toothy smile. I looked around, watching the crowd of teenagers circle me. If looks could kill, I'd've been long dead before the knife made its way into my chest.

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