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Mikonos's Myth

March 18, 2009
By Paul Chang BRONZE, Taipei, Other
Paul Chang BRONZE, Taipei, Other
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Mikonos's Myth


Aswan, Egypt

Temperature: 2ºC

Day 9

It was cold and blurry outside as the troops stumbled into the pyramid. The inside of it was incredibly humid and warm, like a baking oven, despite the fact that they were the first intruders since around 1100A.D. What's the purpose of their trip to Egypt? To find and steal the Python wand, an ancient treasure buried deep down under in the pyramid with its rightful owner, King Mikonos the fifth. Why is it so special? Because it is the only possession on earth that can make you become prosperous in the blink of an eye.

But these explorers have not been the only ones searching for the wand. Many people have traveled to Egypt to find the buried wand, but never returning again. So it might be a surprise that they would risk their lives on a magic wand. Even so, these explorers were job less and homeless, so they were desperate to find wealth. After finding the true story of the wand, they traveled immediately to Aswan. But what was the story?

Mikonos the fifth was a youthful prince when he received the Python wand as his birthday present from his father. But soon after, the king caught a horrible flu and died. Then another person took place of Mikonos the fourth's position. Mikonos was nothing but a toddler when the incident happened, so his mother hid him in another nearby country and took good care of him, afraid of being murdered by the dead king's royal subjects who knew the story about the wand and wanted it. When he grew up to be a young man, Mikonos was out selling goods when accidentally overheard an old couple in the market talking about the dead king's "long lost son”. He went home and asked his mother about it. It was then that his mother finally decided to reveal his identity and the truth about the magic wand. Mikonos was shocked by the secret of the wand and, of course, used it. As fast as you can say "King Mikonos the fifth" the assigned king died strangely of a deadly Python bite, so Mikonos was appointed pharaoh.

The travelers finally found the room containing the secret wand. They entered it slowly and tiptoed to the box with traditional Egyptian characters on it. Tipping the box over, they pulled out a long sledgehammer and whacked on the wooden box. A low moan filled the room as thousands of black, thin ropes slithered out and sank their teeth into everyone's skin.

Now people still wonder what happened to those travelers. Some say it was the pharaoh's spirits scaring them to death. Others think they might have fallen through a deep hole and never climbed out. But only one person knows the truth.

And that person is I.

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