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Case #616

February 23, 2017
By Lovely.Land.Mermaid GOLD, Fort Wayne , Indiana
Lovely.Land.Mermaid GOLD, Fort Wayne , Indiana
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The camera pans from ground up to reveal two officers, and it is out of focus. They are walking down a long hallway. As they approach, they come into focus. You can tell they are speaking on a serious matter, but you cannot hear it.

Myra Mains is carrying a manila folder. They enter a room, and Myra Mains pauses as Cara Voince takes a seat at a dimly lit  table in the center of the room. The room is dark, and the only source of light is a dim overhanging lamp. Myra Mains tosses an open folder on the table, and its contents loosely sprawls out.

The camera switches to a close up of the contents. It slowly pans overhead to reveal one page that reads “Case #616: Suspect 19, Reason of incarceration: Accused of Manslaughter.” A photo of the victim is included in the papers, but his or her face is partially in the shadows and indistinguishable. Hints of crime scene photos lie underneath the information paper.


OPEN? ?on? ?a? ?black? ?screen.? ?SUPERIMPOSE? ?in? ?dark? ?red? ?letters:?

?Case? ?#616


Myra Mains takes a seat next to Clara Voince.  Wide view shows both officers sitting on one side of the table.

Myra Mains:
Let’s get this over with.  This is your only chance to tell us what happened. I would advise you not to waste it.

Angle switches to Ravana. She is hidden in the darkness, with only a portion of her face showing, causing her identity to be indistinguishable.

(With no emotion)
Where should I start?

Clara Voince:
(Collects the file and its papers. She picks it up and  looks down at the file and then back up at the suspect. She then looks  down at the file again.)

How about the beginning.

(Leans forward, and places her crossed arms on the edge of the table.  Her face is still covered in darkness.)

We’ve been friends since we were little.

2 FADE TO:           2

Flashback, in black and white

Ravana (V.O):

So I guess it began then. At first it was the little things, insignificant quirks if you will. She tried to talk the way I did, walk the way I did. I had a few little nervous habits: biting my nails, twirling my hair. You know, those sorts of things. She tried to copy those too.

Flashback shows the girls walking down the street. As they move, Ravana is focused on following Lucia’s steps. Lucia puts her thumbs in her pockets. Ravana is watching intently and tries to mimic her.

3 Back to the interrogation room      3



But just acting like me wasn’t enough. She had to look like me too. These things happened so often, though, that they became normal to me. It was a slow process. We would show up at school wearing the same shirt, the same jeans, the same shoes. Sometimes all three.


Lucia approaches Ravana’s home, and lets herself in. She meets Ravana at the stairs and realizes that they are wearing the same clothes.

Clothes were not enough to satisfy her, though. When she looked in the mirror, she just wanted to see someone different, I guess. Next she moved onto colored contacts.

Cut to close up of a contact case.

4 FADE INTO:         4
Interrogation room. The camera is on Ravana.

Her dull brown eyes were now bright green. But, it still wasn’t enough. (deep emotional breath) The first argument we had was over the hair. Up until that point she had only been subtly mimicking me, but the blonde hair was obvious. Now we both had the exact same shade, and that made me furious.

Fade back into the interrogation room with the camera focused directly on the suspect. Suspect is still covered in darkness.

Clara Voince:
Why did it make you furious?



Ever since the changes and the mimicking started, our relationship had been (small pause, as if thinking of the word) strained. These little incidents continued, and my tolerance and patience began to wear thin. The hair had been the last straw, and for a while we were no longer on speaking terms. But, we had always been friends, and I missed being around her. So, I invited her to go out to eat at our favorite restaurant. I just wanted to repair our friendship. I should have noticed more of the warning signs, though. Her displeased demeanor became more noticeable and (pause, and cut out background music)
more violent.

5 FADE TO:          5

Back into flashback, now set in a restaurant.     The two girls sit across from each other at the table.

Ravana (V.O):
She showed up, which I was glad of, and I thought that
maybe, just maybe, things could go back to the way they were. The whole situation started to look a little brighter. Hmph (a sigh and chilling laugh). I could not have been more wrong.

Ravana and Lucia make small talk as their food is delivered.  They ordered the same thing. Aerial view of food is shown, and the meals are identical.

Ravana is given water instead of the juice Lucia ordered, and it angers her. She stands and appears to be arguing with the waiter.

Ravana (V.O):

The most insignificant, trivial differences set her off. I think that this was when she was no longer her own person. She became someone else, dependent solely on an image, an idea in her head. She wasn’t sure who she was anymore.

Still showing a view from behind.



Ravana picks up the drink, throws it on the waiter, and then tosses the glass. It shatters. She then storms out. Lucia follows her, pleading for her to stay.

6 FADE TO:          6
Interrogation room.

Myra Mains:
Most people would have been scared if their friend was acting like that. Why weren’t you?

I’m not like most people. We had been friends for so long. I couldn’t accept that this was who she was. I was in denial. I thought I could fix her, make her love herself. But, I failed to realize that I could never fix her. I could never make her love herself, because the person I thought she was didn’t exist. I couldn’t make her love herself when she didn’t even believe that she was herself. As far as she was concerned, her old self was gone. But it took an even worse turn, after that night...
7 FADE IN TO:         7

The scene opens in a kitchen. Ravana and Lucia are sitting and talking. (Voice over is  used over the scene as the final act rolls.)

(Laughing and talking to Ravana. Both girls are holding coffee cups. They sip casually and chat.) I love your hair this color. (gently tugs at Ravana's hair) When did you dye it?

(with a confused look on her face)  What do you mean? It’s always been blonde.

Oh. (pause) Well, I remember it being brown when we were kids.  It looked so pretty with your brown eyes.


(still confused) I never had brown eyes either. They’ve always been green. Are sure you are remembering the right person?

Yeah. I’m sure because people used to say we were exact opposites.  You with your brown hair and brown eyes, and me, with my blonde hair and green eyes. Remember? (laughing) I think you changed everything sometime during high school. I used to think you were trying to be me….(looks down) or something. (laughs nervously)

(a look of anger starts to build on her face)
Why wouldn’t I?  Why wouldn’t I try to be you? (in a mocking tone) You were little miss popular, everyone’s favorite, and every guy’s crush.  You could get any boy you wanted with a flutter of your eyelashes and an automatic A on any test by just flashing the teachers a pearly white smile. So why wouldn’t I change?  Maybe I couldn’t take just being “Lucia’s friend” any more.  Maybe I wanted to be Lucia.  And it worked too!  As soon as I dyed my hair blonde, I had two guys come up to me and ask me for my number.  Later I got green contacts, and everybody complimented my eyes.  Everyone loved ME for once! (said with a hysterical smile) I had more and more friends. (circles around
closer to Lucia, and whispers into her ear) 
Maybe even more than you….
( the look of anger
is clear now as the camera closes in on Ravana's face.  You can hear the past jealousy and spite dripping from every word.)

Camera pans over to Lucia to see her reaction

(surprise on her face but also hurt) I…I always thought you were so beautiful.  I didn’t know you felt this way.

Camera pans out to show both girls.



(still obviously angry) Sure you did…(full of sarcasm) I was always the second option.  I had to find you to talk, and when I did you always found some excuse to get away after a few minutes. You would call me when you had no on else to turn to because you knew that I would always say yes. Yes Lucia. Of course Lucia, (increasing with anger and intensity) Anything for you, Lucia!  I was never your first choice.

Lucia stands up and clears her throat in an attempt to lessen the tension in the room. She has a panicky look in her eyes, as she subconsciously tries to create space between the two of them.

Do you want some more coffee or something?  I’m (clearing throat) parched. (reaches to take Ravana’s empty cup and Ravana reluctantly obliges. Lucia makes her way over to the coffee pot and starts to make more)

8      Ravanna:      8

(Standing up and pacing slowly over to where Lucia is.)

After I changed you always had a look in your eyes when we  talked. A hidden doubt that you tried so hard to hide, as if what I had become was (pause) scary.

(Ravanna passes a knife block on her way over. She slowly pulls the butcher knife out and hides it behind her back.)

The truth is, maybe you should be scared.

(Lucia turns quickly and realizes Ravana is right behind her.  Ravanna looks Lucia right in the face, and grabs her around the neck to prevent her from running away)

I could become you, and I would do a better job at being you than you ever could. Sometimes you just have to get rid of the old (pause, now extremely close to Lucia) to make room for the new.


Pans down to the knife, now at Ravana's side. Ravana raises the knife, ready to attack. You hear Lucia scream, and a thud as she hits the floor. The camera pans down to the ground, and we see blood flowing out into a puddle.


Interview room. The officers look horrified.

The camera is showing the officer’s side of the table

9     Clara Voince:     9

Thank you for your testimony. (Pause) Now please state your
name and whether you plead innocent or guilty to the Murder of Lucia Perfetto.

Pans over to the shadowy figure.

I plead neither.  For I am no criminal,  you see. I am merely a problem solver. There were two, but there can only be one. And I fixed that.
Smirk, short laughter proceed, and Ravana leans into the light revealing her identity.

I am Lucia Perfetto.

Screen fades to black and credits roll. After the credits,  bloopers play to lighten the mood.

The End.

The author's comments:

This screenplay was written in inspiration of staying true to a phsycological thriller, and the horror genre. We (m, and a small group of friends) wanted to play into some real fears people have. Monsters, ghosts, and creatures can be scary, but we know they aren't real. Case #616 faces you with a problem that could appear in your own life, so beware. 

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