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My First

March 29, 2016
By Lovely.Land.Mermaid GOLD, Fort Wayne , Indiana
Lovely.Land.Mermaid GOLD, Fort Wayne , Indiana
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When we first met my heart skipped a beat. I knew then and there he was the one. I had always been searching for someone just like him, and today, I think, no, I feel, it’s time.
“David, I’m so glad that our destinies brought us together.” I stood in the kitchen, preparing dinner. The sweet aroma of fresh herbs filled the room. David leaned in a kissed me on the cheek tenderly. I grinned and excitedly handed him his plate. He and I took a seat at our table. “Oh! I almost forgot.” I exclaimed, as I ran to grab the matches. Lighting the candles, I took a sigh of relief, and nestled back down into my seat across from David.
“I’m overjoyed that this all worked out. This is fantastic, love.” David smiled at me, I blushed, looking down, and replied, “I’m thrilled that you like it because I wanted to ask you. Do you think you are ready to make the next step?”
“You mean?”
“Yes. I’ve always wanted you to be my first David, and I’m ready now.”
“I love you so much Annabelle.”
“I loved you too David.”
“Nothing, just come here.”
I grabbed his tie as he leaned across the table and pulled him closer. We locked in a passionate kiss that seemed to last an eternity. My breathe breathed into him, and the heat filled our heads. As I felt him ready to come up for air, I reached and took hold of the freshly sharpened steak knife, lain strategically on the table. Before he could even make the motion of pulling back, I plunged the blade deep in his chest, penetrating his heart. As our lips finally break I gazed benevolently into his eyes and watched their bright life fade to a dull stare. A musty smell started to take over the delicate smell of our dinner, and I grin with satisfaction. I felt him ready to take his last breath, and leave me for good. Before the blood stopped pumping through his veins, I drew close to David, and intimately whispered,  “I always wanted you to be my first.”

The author's comments:

I have always been a fan of imagery and adjectives in stories, but when it came to writing this I took a step out of my comfort zone. In this case I attempted at flash fiction. Learning to write in different formats is essential to help me discover exactly what kind of writer I truely am.

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