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Bad summer

December 13, 2015
By JOrgeAlvaRezJr BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
JOrgeAlvaRezJr BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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He is playing with his friends one day. The ball is thrown over Bobby's head and he has to go get it, but instead gets kidnapped. He has to fight through the pain and suffering he goes through to survive

Chapter 1: Bad Summer

A 14-year-old boy named Bobby, lived in Sacramento, California. He was adopted by John and Gilda , who don't care about him as much as they could. John and Gilda already had a child before adopting Bobby. It was a girl and her name was Sydney. She was a blonde with blue eyes and always loved to read. Bobbly always found her attractive, but he never really thought about it too often. Even though his adopted parents didn't care much for him, he thought his life was miserable but he new he had friends to help him through it. Bobby really cared for them. He would always play with his friends, Jim, Steve, and Matthew outside.
Jim, Steve, and Matthew were Bobby's friends since he moved in with his new family. They were always by each other's sides, even if they needed help. They would pick up one another through bad times or at school.
One cool December morning, Bobby was awaken by his older sister Sydney to come down and eat breakfast. He got up to the sweet sound of birds chirping in the morning. Bobby walked downstairs and heard his mom and dad putting breakfast on the table. He walked up to the table and sat in a chair.
"Good morning everyone," said Bobby as they all replied back with a "good morning."
"So how did you sleep Bobby?" asked John.
With a mouth full of food Bobby replied, "I slept very good. That bed is very comfortable."
Bobby gulped his whole breakfast and darted out the door to play with his friends. He found Jim and Steve on their house porch but couldn't find Matthew.
"Have any of you seen Matthew?" asked Bobby.
"Nope, I haven't talked to him since yesterday," replied Jim.
"He's probably still sleeping," added Steve,"We will see him later."
Bobby ran to his porch to grab a new leather football he got for his birthday. He motioned Steve to go out far which he did. Bobby c***ed back his arm and threw the football all the way to him. Jim hopped in the throw and catch game and they all had fun. One throw that Jim threw went over Bobby's head. It landed in a bush two houses down his own house. He ran to grab the ball but couldn't find it. Bobby looked around and eventually found it in the bushes, between two twigs. Once he retrieved the ball he was pinned down to the floor and a bag was put over his head. While being dragged, he heard his friends calling out to him until it started to muffle.
The man dragged Bobby all the way to a van and pushed him onto the floor in the back. He took the bag off Bobby's head and he saw a man all dressed in black with a pig mask on. He saw the man pull out a syringe, with blue liquid in it, as he punctured it in Bobby's arm and inserted the liquid. The man shut the doors and locked them as he got to the steering wheel. Bobby slowly started to lose his energy as he fell into a deep sleep in the van.
Bobby awoke in a dark room with one  candle lit. He was chained down to the floor with three chains on each arm. He struggled to get out and started to yell for someone's help.
"Someone help me, I'm trapped!" exclaimed Bobby.
After yelling millions of times, he thought it was pointless to try anymore.
two days went by and Bobby had received no food or water. He was starving so badly he couldn't sleep on the rock-hard-floor. Bobby got up and yelled again, " me!". The candle was getting smaller until it was gone, and the whole room was dark. The lights in the room started to flicker, and he saw a door with a table in the middle of the room where the candle was. There were no windows or any other doors. The man dressed all in black with the pig mask walked up to Bobby.
"What do you want with me?" exclaimed Bobby.
"The satisfaction of your death with slow suffering," replied the man.
The man grabbed a new, sharp knife from his pocket and slowly moved it in front of Bobby's face.
"Please don't kill me. Please!", Bobby asked with all his breath left.
The man ignored what he had said and slowly pierced his knife into Bobby's arm. Bobby cried in pain and couldn't help but to yell. The man kept scraping the knife on Bobby's left arm until his whole arm was completely covered in blood. All Bobby could do was cry and yell.
The man moved onto his next weapon which was a staple gun. He loaded it up with staples as he moved toward Bobby's right arm now. He stapled his arm all over the place while his arm dripped with blood. The man heard footsteps coming up to the door. He walked up to the door and looked through the peep whole and saw three officers at his door.
"Open this door up right now, or we will break in," said one officer
The man ran away from the door as they broke it open and opened fire at him. Five bullets went through his chest at that moment. Two of the officers went to Bobby as the one went to the body.
"It's okay kid, you are safe now." said one officer.
Bobby felt happy and relieved that someone came to his rescue. The last thing Bobby remembered was being put into the police car with a towel wrapped around him, and the man with the mask being put into a body bag as Bobby fell asleep in the car.
Bobby woke up the next day in the hospital with stitches and bandages on his arms. He saw the officers and his mom, dad, and sister in the room with him. Bobby may have thought no one cared for him, but if they didn't, no one would be in that room with him.

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