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The Last Night in New Orleans

December 15, 2014
By potato18 GOLD, Sacramento, California
potato18 GOLD, Sacramento, California
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            One cold night I was walking home from work. Then I stopped and felt a cold wind blew at me. And the wind came from my left side then I turned and look. There it was Lafayette Cemetery next to me. Then I looked closely in the cemetery and there is a lot of mausoleum.

            “Why does it smell like rotten meat all of a sudden?” I asked myself.

            Then I ignored it and turned to start walking. Suddenly as soon as I turned to walk I quickly felt something grabbed my arm. I then turned and a strong wind force hit me. Also at the same time I hear the trees swishing and voices whispering all around. Quickly then the rotten smell went away and the scent of candles came in as I smelled the air around me.

            As soon as I smelled the candles burning I started to walk towards the cemetery and enter. Then I suddenly see a shadow moving like the wind and felt very spooky. After that I heard a baby crying as soon as I heard it I knew I wasn’t alone. And my heart started to pound faster and faster with fear leaving my body shaking.

            “What the hell is going on?” I keep repeating to myself.

            “CHENG!” a voice called out.

            And I turned then look who was calling and there was no one. Then I walked towards a mausoleum that caught my eyes and took a glance at it.

            “CHENG!” a voice keeping shouting and as it shouts it’s coming closer and closer behind me.

            With fears in me I turned to look who it was. And a strong force left me up while holding my neck it started to choke me. Also the more I fought back with the force the more it squeeze tighter then I was losing my oxygen. Next I suddenly see a light coming and hear two voices shouting for me. Then the force swung me to a mausoleum and went black out.

            Finally the next day I woke up and the two people next to me was my best friends Nathan and John.

            “Where am I?” I asked.

“You’re at the hospital.” Nathan replied.

            “What happened to you last night?” John asked.

            “All I remember was entering the Lafayette Cemetery and then got strangled. Then I got swing and hit a mausoleum then black out.” I answered.

            “Are you insane!?” John yelled.

            “No way the doctor said that you had a seizure.” Nathan responds.

            Then I was confused suddenly the door open and the doctor came in the room with a knife. And I knew right there and then he is possessed. Suddenly the room went from light to dark then John and Nathan strapped me to the bed. After they did them all three laughed with joy and then the doctor repeatedly stabbed me. All I could do was cry, scream, and shout but no one could help me.

            Finally I woke up and screamed and then I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or reality. Because when I look at my body I see scars all over and my body aches in pain. Then I notice the bright lights all around me and then I closed my eyes. Opened them I notice I was already dead.







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what inspires me life because in life you dont know what is right and wrong really and dont know truths and lies

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