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September 16, 2014
By FallenAngel170198 GOLD, Bundaberg, Other
FallenAngel170198 GOLD, Bundaberg, Other
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People never look past the pleasant smile that always appears on my face, that draws people to me, that mesmerises their eyes and their hearts but they don't see what lies beneath. They don’t see who I really am. Underneath my skin is a whole new being. They don't see its pale eyes, calculating there every movement, there every weakness and strength.  Sometimes I wish I could meet someone who could see through this mask, this costume that I wear to steer people towards the inevitable.  One day I will take off this costume, shed my skin and bear to the world my real form.  I get this hunger that I can never staunch that always seems to appear when I near certain people.  Its this twisting and churning feeling in my stomach at first them my mouth starts to water continually and I know I look like someone ready to kill with my tongue licking my lips, my fake blue eyes wide and calculating, always calculating then my hands snake around someone's bare throat then I rip out of my confinements. My pale eyes, my pale hair, pale skin seem to scare most but today, my wings seem to draw him closer. My large white wings spread out and I feel relieved. My costume flutters to the ground and bundles on the ground like the real human skin it is but he doesn't seem to worry. I never understood humans, but I think I understood this boy for he never looked scared as he looked into my eyes but his eyes seemed to show acceptance for who I was and what I've become My grip on his throat loosened until he could get a full breath of air. His brown hair and blue eyes pulled me too him for some reason in the beginning but he never made me hungry, he just made me curious. Why was I like this? Why can't I consume him as well? Everything is becoming stranger and then I opened my eyes.

"Why do you like talking about consuming people?" A man with blue eyes and brown hair asked me as my eyes scanned the bare room of the mental ward.

I smiled viciously," Because, you taste so sweet," I informed him then leapt off my chair, onto him with my mouth opened and hunger flashing in my stomach.

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