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Jump out of this Skin

March 27, 2014
By TheUtopianWriter SILVER, Hays, Kansas
TheUtopianWriter SILVER, Hays, Kansas
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"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
~ Albert Einstein

Blood, everywhere in the bathtub touches me. Each time the snake comes for another strike – I don’t feel pain except the mental agony which fills within me – rose red liquid runs down my chest, I put my hand on my neck and realize this is where it tore through with its razor sharp fangs. I wince because I see it about to strike, but I see a hand grab the snake’s head. Then another hand pops out with a knife, and slices the head off.
I was about to say, “Thanks”, but before I could, he did the same thing to me as he did to the snake, as my head rolled so did my vision.

As I’m waking up with sweat covering me head to toe, I pant so heavily that I start to get dizzy. I sit up and look around, mostly because I’m paranoid.

“Shhh!” A low faint whisper of a voice said in my ear, I could even feel the warm breath. My eyes went huge; I live alone. A scaly hand pressed against my mouth and pushed me so I would be laying down again.
This creature was scaly all over, and had a human figure to it, and it had different shades of green on each scale. It had two slits for nostrils and slitted pupils in its green eyes, and its head is completely bald.
“Close your eyesss, and sssleep.” Its tongue was just like a… A SNAKE.
“No way,” I jumped off my bed as it removed its hand in a surprised manner, then I turned on the lights and it hissed and climbed up the wall into a corner where it was darkest, “You’re a killer! I see it in your eyes.”

I fell off my bed as I wake up, hoping this is not another dream within a dream.
I recorded this nightmare in a journal, as I’ve done in the past, and wrote more precise details of the creature. I’ve had these types of dreams before – where this creature has terrorized me in nightmares like this – about a couple months ago, and yet I still don’t know why.

Another day ready to be filled with slack from me, Dwight Cratford. The guy with no friends, no family, and no job – only if you count being a bagger at the grocery store a real job for a man in his thirty’s. All of my family members are dead, I just wish… I don’t know.

I turned on the radio after work today and it sounded like, “Go to sssleep. “ This gave me goosebumbs. I shook it off my head then tried to do something , so I cooked some Ramen Noodles that I’ve been craving lately.

After I finished eating it was 8:06 P.M. so I got ready for bed then got my toothbrush out, but I noticed a peculiar looking zit on my forehead. It was pussing wildly and yet my impulses got the best of me and I picked at it viciously. The more I picked at it the wider it got and the greener.
Weeks went by – I hadn’t left my house or eaten anything but Saltines – and so did my hair. I haven’t looked at myself in months, I’ve felt myself though. My skin feels so strange, so scaly. I’ve stripped the skin from my zit all the way down to my neck. I smell like a lizard cage.
Today , I picked the rest of my skin down to my chest so I could see it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My skin is scaly and has different shades of green on each scale. I’m going to the bathroom; I look at the mirror… Oh, Lord… This isn’t happening. I have slitted pupils and my facial skin is just like my chest… And, worst, slits for both nostrils, then I stick my tongue out, only to see… A FORKED TONGUE! I notice a figure behind me, it’s the creature.
“Brotherssss…” It grinned, or he grinned.
Out of nowhere I responded, “Yesss, very muchhhh…” “What have these humanssss done to you, they turrrnnn you into thissss, Earthhhhling. Disssgusssting,” He spat purple spit. I remember now, I’m not from Earth; I’m from JinklaKoonest in the Galaxy, Sslizardzzz. “I remember,” I remarked, “But how did I end up here?” “Me ka no, hip rash…” He’s losing the ability of English, as I soon will too. “Fe h?, neek shak JinklaKoonest?” I asked. And he responded with welcoming gesture in our culture with his slimy hand then said, “Yathra” , which means, as soon as possible.


Dwight Cratford turned from being a JinklaKoonestian alien to a human being as an adaptation to survive from a ship crash. We, as humans, might do the same if we crash land and have to adapt.
Humans are among us

The End

The author's comments:
My nightmares inspired me, then I just added on from there

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