A Side of Candy with Your Death?

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It is the National Candy Day in Kemptville, Rhode island. Trees turning color in town, but around the candy shop the trees look like a burned out forest with the bushes all naked as well.The city is dull and grey with no color whatsoever, but in the corner of Candy Lane Street there is a building called The Sweet Tooth. Kemptville is like New York city with all the buildings crammed together. The Sweet Tooth is one story tall and all of the other buildings are about 20+ stories high. The “Sweet Tooth” is the most famous candy shop in the country. It is a very brightly colored building from the early 1900’s. The whole building is pink and bright purple. In the front of the Sweet Tooth there are two eight foot candy canes standing right beside the front door. The pathway to get into the building is bright turquoise with little Reeses Cups along the pathway to direct you to the front door. There has always been an old cranky lady that owns the shop. She never gets along with anyone and is always the odd one. Her name is Mildred.

Mildred opens the shop in the morning at 5:00 a.m. She cooks and makes all of her delectable candy. Then she starts cutting meat. She starts making finger kabobs with a thick layer of sugar on top. Then Mildred begins making her famous candy which is her Sweet Tooth. The Sweet Tooth she gets from people by pulling their teeth or finding some on the side of the road. Then, she cooks them in a crock pot and puts them in there for about three hours. They get good and soft so that the customers won't break their teeth. Then on top of that she puts licorice and sugar again.

So when she starts getting people into the store on National Candy Day, there are three kids that roll right in. Their names where Mason, Liam, and Mia. These kids have butterball checks that don't need any more candy.

When they head into the store Mildred asks “How are you fine looking kids today?” in a very excited voice with a smirk on her face.

Mia says “I'm doing great, we all are, and we were just wondering if we could try some of your famous candy?”

“Yes, yes you may but I am still cooking them right now and they're not ready, but would you all want to come down into the basement and try a sample for now?” Mildred says in a creepy voice with her fingers drumming together in front of her mouth.

They go downstairs and it is almost to the point where they can't see where they’re stepping. Mason, Liam, and Mia head to where Mildred has the crock pot and there is one faint light bulb over it with a string dangling. Then, Mildred quickly turns the light off.

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