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A picturesque fairy tale

December 5, 2013
By SquirrelGirl2 SILVER, Palatine, Illinois
SquirrelGirl2 SILVER, Palatine, Illinois
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Her life was a fairy tale
until she met Meredith. Every little detail of her life was perfect, the cozy home,the loving husband,and her newborn baby. The days went on as they always did by doing housework until she noticed the scent on her husband's clothing.A sweet distinct smell of her favorite flower,a rose.However she did not possess such a perfume.Then clues started to multiply, and every hint left by her husband led to infidelity. The unknown absences of her husband when midnight approached and the secrecy when questioned of his whereabouts.She decided that it was time for her to confront him officially of this scandal.And he lied continuously as she interrogated him.He stated that it was not what it seemed,but he did not give her reasons.Now every night she whispers her baby's name as it echoes through the forest.She had a home ,but now it lay in ruins as the roof has caved inward. Her garden has overgrown into an untamed beast,intertwined with blossoming rose buds.It was all Meredith's fault for taking her baby,her husband,
and her picturesque life.

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