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November 23, 2013
By TylerBre BRONZE, Fairhope, Alabama
TylerBre BRONZE, Fairhope, Alabama
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(This is the only one I remember by heart.) "Rose as in red, never in blue, sharp as a thorn, fights like one too." -Vampire Academy


“She’s awake!”

“Who are you?”

“Please, stay in bed.”

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“You were in a severe accident.”

“What is wrong with me?” I panicked.

“Sweetie, please don’t stress, what is your name?”

“My name... I don’t remember my name,” I quivered.

“It’s okay, everything will be alright, Elysia,” the nurse crooned.

“How do you know my name and what are you writing?”

“You are quite infamous in this town, many people want you alive.”

“What are you talking about, I don’t even know what I did wrong!”

“Your memories should return soon, and until then, you will remain in the institute.”

“What are you planning to do with me once I get my memories back?”

“Many people want you alive, you will go with whomever most needs you,” she stood.

“You can’t keep me trapped here and send me off to someone that I don’t know!”

“You have caused many disturbances and you will not be my responsibility once you receive your memories.”

“Well, you’ll never know when I get my memories back so I guess I’ll be your responsibility forever!”

“If you don’t receive your memories in two months, I’ll send you off and they will help you remember.”

“Please, don’t do this, take me to my family, I’m sure they’re really worried about my being gone,” I pleaded.

She looked me squarely in the eyes, and said, “You have killed your parents.” She left with those last words ringing in my ears.

I killed my parents.

The author's comments:
The first 20-ish sentences are in 1,2,3 word-sentence form. This was an assignment for my creative writing class. Please tell me what you think!

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