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What Happened?

October 30, 2013
By xXSpyderGyrlXx GOLD, N/A, Rhode Island
xXSpyderGyrlXx GOLD, N/A, Rhode Island
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I awoke alone in the dark with no memory of what happened. I was mortified when I saw the blood on my hands. What happened? I turned my head to the right to find my friends dead limp body bathing in a pool of his blood. I tried to get up, only to find that my hands and ankles bound together with a thick heavy chain. I slowly crawled over to my friends rotting decaying body. I felt tears swell up in my eyes and they started pouring down my cheeks. In the blink of an eye, police lights flickered on and off in the distance. I curled up on the ground bawling my eyes out. For the next five minutes, all I could think about was “what happened?”
All of a sudden, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to find the chief of the police department standing over me. He sat me up and called the lock picker to come get the locks and chains off of my ankles and hands. I stood up and tried to calm down.
“He’s dead sir…” the officer set the dead body’s hand onto its chest. I started crying once again and the cop tried to comfort me in his arms. They told me that my friend was murdered and that I had to go downtown for questioning. I didn’t want to go. But in order to find out what had truly happened, I knew I had to go. They took me downtown, let me change and clean up and I stated answering some questions.
“I just woke up. I have no memory of what happened.” I was telling the truth but I didn’t think that the cop believed me. I could not think of anything to say. I woke up and expressed incredulity when the cop told me that I could have been the only one to have done it. I know I couldn’t have. I loved him.
“sir…” an officer in black entered the interrogation room. “There was a trace of someone else’s blood on the chains and under the victim’s fingernails.”

After a little while, they sent me home and I got a call at 3:00 AM. It was he police. They said that they caught the killer and that I could just relax. After that, I fell back asleep….
I opened my eyes. 6:00 AM. The alarm was blaring. What just happened? I picked my phone and looked through the call log. No call from anyone since 5:00 PM. Then I realized….it was just a dream.

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