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The One Dead

June 30, 2013
By EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
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It was your classic murder case: a girl in high school was found dead in her own home. There were three main suspects: the rich girl, the art teacher, and the Goth girl. They were accused of harassing the victim in the few days before she died. The principal seemed to have turned the victim away in her hour of need. The victim was not well-known, but her death was far from unnoticed. This was the first murder in this small town to happen in the high school.

She was quite distant from her friends before she died. They didn’t act like they cared until she was murdered. Soon, they regretted not spending time with her and pleaded the detective to solve this case. There was some speculation that she committed suicide, but the detective declared it was unlikely. He said that the victim died of brute force and the cuts made on her body were not self-inflicted. The authorities couldn’t find whatever made the cuts that took her life.

The detective finally decided it was time to question the suspects. First, he interrogated the prime suspect: the rich girl. She said that she wouldn’t give up her wealth to murder a lowly girl. The rich girl also admitted that she never liked the victim and thus, always made fun of her and bullied her. The next one was the art teacher, and his alibi was he often treated her like an outsider, but never to a point of physical harm. He revealed that she was different from his other students and behaved unjustly towards her.

The last suspect was the Goth girl. She claimed that she did no such thing like murder. She had no vendetta towards the victim, although she said that she always pushed the girl away. The Goth told the detective that she only hit the victim only once, but it was before the night of the murder. She recommended looking at the dump for any discarded evidence. The detective listened to her and soon found blood-stained scissors at the dump. The DNA on the scissors verified it to be of the victim’s…and her sister’s!

The sister was the first to call 911 when the victim was murdered. When asked about the crime, the sister sorrowfully confessed that she was the one who killed the girl. She was going through one of her “mad periods” that came with her condition. When the murderer was doing some artwork that involved scissors, her sister came to her for help. The murderer was easily provoked and killed her sister out of anger. However, when her mad period was over, she instantly felt regret and a great guilt. She wished she could take back the night she killed her sister.

She was arrested and the three suspects were charged with harassment of the victim. This made the principal determined that this sort of calamity never happened again. Pretty soon, the school became safer, but no one could forget the girl they shunned. They would always remember her, the one dead.

The author's comments:
The phrase "the one dead" kept popping into my mind. I also felt frustrated with a few characters who inspired the suspects.

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