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a dream (rough draft)

May 14, 2013
By joeyhamilton23 PLATINUM, Des Moines, Iowa
joeyhamilton23 PLATINUM, Des Moines, Iowa
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the grandfather clock swings back and forth as green misty fog seeps seductively down the hall way, but you try to take a step back knowing this fog was seductively reeling you in for the kill like a lost fish searching begging to find the light of day under the sea ironically swimming to the jaws of death, but unlike a fish i knew what i was being lead into yet my heart still lingered to push forward with one intoxicating word with questions burning through my skull that it felt like it was about to burst, Why? as much I had already figured out it was a dream, i just couldn't shake it out, and it was at this point i realized there was a figure at the end of the hallway. feeling foolish for talking to myself for so long it felt like i decided to take a step forward, my legs felt as if they had joined the green fog and began swirling around me, as soon as I took the step i started hearing children laughing, i froze in an instant as soon as i heard it, i looked around myself to see if i could see where it was coming from the walls were covered in blood and bugs i took a breath in and as i in haled the walls expanded and as i exhaled the walls started to cave in as if this place of death was mocking my existence laughing at the fact that i may be to to fish at the bottom of the sea except i was in the belly of the beast, i turned back towards the hallway and realized the figure was gone, and all of a sudden i heard a cry of help it came from behind me i quickly turned back and in?stinctive ran towards the cry's then as i was running i felt the sensation of falling and realized there was a hole in the floor and i had just fell through it. the fall was hard but i was glad the fall wasn't long i would surely be dead whatever i had fell only was hard and sharp and now i was in complete darkness. The though of being in the complete darkness frightened not only did i not know where i was, but i didn't know what was down there with me so as quickly as i could i felt around myself and started checking my pockets thankfully found some matches in my pocket and lit a match, and what was around my scared me half to death, i was in a crawl spaces with decaying bodies and skeletons, i was so terrified i couldn't let out a shriek of fear at all my mouth so agape trying to bring some noise out somehow comforting me me and assuring i was alive, but that blanket that would normally be there was gone torn to shreds and left to rot down hear with these bodies, i realized i was on one and quickly got up i lit another match before the other one went out and noticed one of the bodies was holding a lantern so i started crawling towards it trying very carefully not to touch an more of the bodies. I finally reached the body and ripped the lantern out of this skeletons hands and got the lantern lit i regained some of that blanket in that moment feeling as if the fire in this lantern was the hope i needed to escape this nightmare or lead me to my death. I looked at the skeleton with shredded clothes and instantly knew it was a child. I circled around with the lantern and realized all of the poor souls in this crawlspace were children, left here to rot by some sick careless bastard i looked at one side of the crawl space and counted at least seven bodies all stacked up in one corner, my senses started to come back to me and the smell of decaying flesh hit my nose and stomach harshly, i tried not to gag but i couldn't help it, i managed not to puke and the crawling continued then all of the sudden i started to hear walking above me and froze like a burglar in a house trying not to get caught the sound continued for a while and ceased shortly after, my journey through the crawl space continued until i found a way out i slowly crawled out trying desperately not to make a sound to grab any attention of any sort i flashed my lantern around and knew i was in the basement. luckily where the crawlspace was where i escaped there was a heater covering were i was so i had some place to hide, i waited at first to make sure there was no one in there with me so i waited for two impatient minutes go by and i come out of my hiding places feeling as if i was a water-buffalo running head first into a pack of lions knowing i will be feasted upon but not going out without a fight, i found a light switch and turned it on, that was when i realized i was right where the lions feasted on their prey except this lion liked to torture his victims before going in for the final kill. a water drain on the ground was dried up blood from an old victim, all of the walls were pictured of these poor innocent souls nude making me feel sick to my stomach knowing that the last things these children ever felt was pain and knowing that a human being actually enjoys doing this to an innocent child. all around the room were cages and a wooden table in the room with a broken mirror on it on the table tons of torture devices covered in blood hair and maggots, disgusted and filled with rage i began to throw around the torture devices and rip the horrible pictures that will forever stain my mind, kicking down all the cages hoping the poor befalling spirits see this little courageous act and the righteousness in my heart that it gives some of them go out out of this world not in pain but in peace. my spirit is telling me to find an exit before its to late, so i grab my lantern in case and find a door before i reach it it swing open that same green fog is seeping through and i see i girl at the bottom of the stairs she has black hair and is wearing a white gown that looks as through its from the 1930's covered in blood i look closely and realize shes a ghost i slowly walk up to her feeling my heartbeat loud and hard the ticking sound of it reminds me of the rabbit from Alice in wonderland knowing that if i don't hurry and help her i ill lose my head as well . after this comes to mind i take a deep breath and ask her whats wrong. she starts crying and tells me in a sad yet stern voice run don't go upstairs frustrated and confused i try to grab her but the fog takes over and i here her giggling i see her figure at the top of the stairs i run up them not listening to her plea, she disappears again as i finally get up the stairs frustrated and begging for answers I scream why aren't i supposed to go up the stairs i'm not gonna hurt you and she replies in a sad yet happy voice if you come up the stairs the man kill you just like he killed me I turn back to run back down the stairs then i see a black figure with diamond shaped eyes blood ruby in color with jagged teeth smiling as i scream it comes at me widening its jaws i smoke clouds my mind and everything fades to white...

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