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The lost girl

April 10, 2013
By ShupriBritt BRONZE, Sacramento, California
ShupriBritt BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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The lost girl

“She has no family or anything. She has been on life support for 2 months now, let’s just give up.” Dr. Johnson stated

“Let’s just try one more…” Dr. Johnson rudely interrupted Dr. Clamontel. “We have other patients who have more to lose. Tonight we will take her off of life support. 8pm final decision”

8pm, doctors went to the young girls room, roomA23, but the 17 year old girl wasn’t lying there like they had expected.

Two months ago a young girl named Naiya was in a serious car accident with her parents and her older brother. They were hit from the back and the side by two rushing police cars. Naiya was the only one who survived, her family died right away. Since it was the police fault the government paid for all her hospital expenses. Naiya had to be on life support she had major damage to the head and heart. The doctors believed when she woke up from being on conscious she would most likely have amnesia. She didn’t have anything or nobody left so the doctors decided why not pull the plug. The night they were going to pull it she mysteriously disappeared and they began their mission looking for the lost girl.

“I feel like my whole world has fallen apart and crashed. I believe I have died and suddenly awoke but I do not know how. But I am lost these places don’t look anything familiar to me. I just want to get home to my family.” And that’s when Naiya began her mission to find her family.

The doctors called the police and they searched the whole hospital and there wasn’t any sign of her. “Well if she is no harm we can just let her live her life on the streets. There is no point in looking for her when you were going to kill her anyway.” Officer Brown closed the case and the doctors agreed to let it go.

Naiya roamed the streets of New York. So much stuff was going on. It was so busy it made her dizzy, so dizzy that she passed out. But no one noticed her. As she lay on the ground people walked through her like she wasn’t there, like she was a ghost. As the night grew the streets calmed down, people went home to get ready for school, work, or to feed their children.

The streets were completely dark and suddenly Naiya was awaked by loud voices. It grew louder and louder and Naiya shook with fear. She noticed it was an argument between to big groups and one of them pulled out a gun. Naiya gasped. And suddenly the other group transformed into wolves. The man with the gun fired, “Bang bang bang!” The wolf charged at him and the other group transformed into jaguars and the started to fight. Naiya wanted to run but before she could move a shadow grabbed her into the dark. Naiya screamed. A bright light flashed on the shadow but it moved.

“Please don’t be scared. I’m here to protect you” the sweet voice said, “I’m Marie ‘Lynn Laveau, Marie Laveau daughter.” Naiya looked confused. “oh you don’t know who she is?” Marie ‘Lynn said chuckling, “my mother was the queen of voodoo, voodoo is a type of black magic. She helped a lot of people. She was amazing. But just like a queen she was hated by many and only loved by few. After she died I got all her hate. They ran me out of New Orleans and now I’m here. Everyone knows about me and my powers. I’m pleased to help people, just like my mother.”

“Why did those people turn into animals? Am I dreaming?” Naiya said. Her voice was shaking.

“Those are the violent gangs. When they create their gang they wait out till midnight and sacrifice the animal they want to be. The take the animals blood and eject it into their blood and become shape shifters. At first many were scared and it started war some years ago. It was a massacre. People were scared and started to migrate to Mississippi but throughout the years people have gotten used to it.

“You said you were here to help me right?”

“Yes, I’m proudly at your service?” Marie ‘Lynn said with a giant grin on her face.

“Can you help me find my family?”

“Naiya I’m sorry but your family is dead, they were killed in a horrible crash and you were the only one who survived, you were rushed to the hospital.”

“No you’re lying” Naiya said sounding like she was going to cry. Marie ‘Lynn gently placed her hand on Naiyas shoulder but Naiya quickly yanked it away. “You killed them, you devil” Naiya tried to run but Marie ‘Lynn cast a spell on her and she fell to the ground and began snoring.

Naiya woke up in a white room. She had a big headache. She couldn’t seem to remember last night. Marie ‘Lynn brought Naiya some food. After Naiya ate a man appeared. He said he just wanted to talk about finding her family. He told her to close her eyes and imagine. As he began talking she noticed he wasn’t taking about finding her family, he was talking about their death. The image of them dying was like a movie in Naiyas head. She tried to open her eyes but she couldn’t. A tear dropped from her eye. The movie kept replaying in her head but each time it was a different ending. The last one was that it was not just her family, it was her too. Her heart suddenly had skipped a beat, and her memory began to flutter back into her head. “What if I was dead the whole time?” Naiya thought to herself. The tears from her eyes began to rush out and her eyes opened but no one was there. The white room was empty. She looked out the huge window. But she couldn’t really get a good look because the sun was in the way. So she leaned a little closer but the window was open. Naiya fell her room window. It was 10 stories high. As she hit the ground her head split and as her eyes widened. With her last breath she began to believe she was finally alive.

The doctor in room A23 screamed as all the doctors rushed to the room. They looked out the window one doctor was standing at. They looked down at the young girl in a pool of blood. As the police got to the hospital they pulled in Dr. Clamontel to ask her questions.

“You were in the room when Naiya Biblioia fell from the window correct?” officer brown asked

“Yes, she has been on life support for 2 months now, tonight we were going to pull the plug. This morning I was looking through the glass watching her sleep because I thought there was still hope. She was crying so I believed she would come through. I walked to get water and when I came back she was at the window. When I opened the door to get her away she fell. So I ran to the window and there she was.”

The author's comments:
This is my first time writing a story like this but it really means alot to me. I got to use my imagination and creative skills.i hope others see it the way i do.

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Deja said...
on Oct. 11 2013 at 3:51 pm
that was sad.....i feel like i relived the whole thing

Jayhawk said...
on Jun. 28 2013 at 4:13 pm
Great story. Really pulled me in. I could hardly wait to find out what happened. Thank you for publishing this so other people can enjoy your talent for storytelling.

jj77 said...
on Jun. 28 2013 at 10:27 am
I love this story.  Magical Realism at it's best!