The Shadow

The tapping on the door had been occurring since she was a little girl. It happened at exactly at 12:30 A.M., 3:00 A.M., and 5:00A.M. No one ever noticed the dainty taps on her solid oak door. She didn’t want anyone else to hear it, she would confide to herself. She knew the tapping was her mother letting her know how much she loved her. If anyone heard the tapping they would ask which would lead to her telling them the truth. But their only response is that that is impossible. They would inform her, as if she didn’t know, that her mother died giving birth to her. She would never be able to “Tap” on any doors. They might call a psychiatrist who would say she was projecting her feelings of remorse and guilt on an inexplicable phenomenon. So he went on living life letting her mother’s gentle reminders every night go on. That night she waited up for the first and then set an alarm to hear the next two. The first two taps went as always three of the most gentle *Tap Tap Taps* on her door. Then at 4:48 she awoke to her alarm and casually waited under her pink blossom blankets for the two minuets to pass. At 4:49 the tapping started and she gave a start. *Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap* and all of a sudden the taps stop. She waited a few panicked seconds. Then the door slowly opened silently and revealed a shadow in the hallway. She shrieked as the shadow stepped into the light and remained only a shadow. A shadow, with no face, only the feeling of hatred and malice, pouring from its black body.

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