Life of Resistance

By , milwaukee, WI
As I pondered my way out this place I could feel the frost crackling wind rush through my face as I ran. I could see body's all around me on the ground, on top of crates and barrels they were. Slowly dying one by one, blood here, blood there, I could see blood everywhere. This was the most horrible day of my life but yet it wasn't over, it was just getting started. As I was running I could see a pitch black shadow following me by the corner of my eye. Out of nowhere I felt s sharp pain strike me right at the bottom my backside. As I looked to see what it was I could see plenty of blood dripping down from my side with a bullet pierced into my side. This almost looked like a water fountain of blood. When I started to feel the pain I started to slow down more and more, until I completely collapse at the gates of my village. I hadn't made it out safely and right then and there I knew that from that moment on, who was the real murderer. .
Few days before
Shourd, NJ 4:15 am

"Today is the day you die!"No, please don't! Please I beg you, for everything that's good in your heart please don't kill me!"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "How do you like that from my heart?" I said, as my hand dripped with a fountain of blood. Seconds later, I rush towards the two others that were trying to kill me. Dodging bullets, knifes, and throwing stars, I struck them both at the same time with my .44 Magnum right in their hearts. Slowly after they died, I deliberately ripped their hearts of their bodies and shot it too.

During the next few hours I rushed towards my village. I could see demolishing fires and giant smoke clouds in the distance. As I ran towards my village I came across this forest before it. Passing through as fast as I could to get to my village, I was ambushed by two guys wearing a skeleton mask with a crack down the middle of it. I was ambushed by an electrical net. While being shocked on the ground they slowly crept up to finish me. Right when I saw I cut through the net and shot a .44 bullet down their barrels of their throats. I was in a state of shock and I couldn't believe what had just happened, but I couldn't stop now so I kept going on towards the village.

As I reached the gates of the village I saw an army of people with swords and giant rifles. They all stared at me and started to raise their weapons at me. I didn't really know what to do at this point since I was going against a whole army and it was just me by myself. But then in the distance I saw a man. Guessing it was their leader, I saw the most diabolical thing that could ever happen to someone. He ended up cutting the head of my mother's body in front of me. Then he picked up our family heirloom that we had passed down from generation to generation and he put it around his neck. The Enlightening FrostBettle Pendant. As soon as I saw this happened I rushed towards their leader trying to pass through their army of people. One by one they all perished like the fools they were. Shootings here, blood spilling over there, bodies flying all around is the only thing you could see. Finally I had reached their leader Dagon. It was just me and him on the gates of my village.

Extremely pissed at what had just happened I rushed towards him with all the might I had in me. While rushing towards him I picked up a katana that was on the ground. Trying to stab him and rush him with my attacks in the end it was all no good. Dagon was so fast that I couldn't even get a glance to see what he was going to do next. Eventually he got tired of dodging my barrage of attacks and his movements started slowing down. Right then and there I knew that this was my chance to strike even faster then what I was doing, so I took it! It only took 2 seconds for the battle to turn upside down. As I swiftly pierced my katana through his heart I could feel his insides ripping apart. There on the flood helpless, in a pool of blood under him he laid. Seconds later I started to walk away and leave the village since there wasn't anyone else their alive. "Wait" Dagon said. I stopped were I stood and turned towards him. "Before I die, I just want you to know that." I interrupted him "What!" "I just want you to know I am your father!"

My eyes lit up as if there was a giant light in front of me. I never thought this would have ever happened to me. I grew up not knowing anyone when my father was there and I didn't know anything. This was the most disappointing thing I could know right now. But now I had bigger things to tend to so I went on. "Great, good to know" I said and I walked away as if I didn't care about what he had just said. But yet I knew that this was like a splinter in my heart. Now it was time for me to get out of this place so I started rushing away from the village cutting through streets to see if I could find a way out and that's when everything when wrong….”Dam!... how am I going to get out of here….!!!”

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