Halloween 2012

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My friend and I decided to leave to Quincy at 11pm and we got there at 12:15am everybody was having a blast at the party, it was packed, and there were drinks everywhere people dancing everywhere, people coming out and in from the bathroom and it was crazy.

The music was really loud and my friend and I were dancing all together with the other guys. Then out of no where the lights went off then the light came back, so everybody kept on doing what they were doing.

My friend Sandra and I went to the car to get some make-up and put our hair up, and we saw a big shadow walking by the tree in the back from the house party. My friend said, “Whoever is there are you okay? Do you need help?” but nobody responded back. We decided to go check if maybe a person needed help, but as we went nobody was there, so we went back to the party.

Minutes passed by and I had a feeling like someone was watching me. I told my friend I wanted to leave, but she was having too much fun dancing so I waited. I started feeling even more nervous as if someone was staring at me, it made me uncomfortable. I spaced out for a bit and I notice that I was staring out the window.

I saw a weird looking figure outside staring at me straight in the eyes. I quickly run to tell my friend. I finally get my friend to come and the creepy looking thing stared at her too.

We got a little scared so I went and told my friends we’re going home. They asked why?! and I said because I didn’t feel good. We said goodbye as I saw the creepy looking figure again, same spot, except this time it tilted its head and smiled with his yellow pointy teeth. I could tell right away I wasn’t supposed to be there. I pulled my friend and ran to the front door of the house, turned on the car and left. I felted way better, but then a light got behind us. It was 2 in the morning with no one in sight. Why was the car there? I keep driving since my friend drank. The car got closer so I stepped on the gas and all of a sudden the light disappeared. Bam!

Then we saw the light again but we tried to ignore it, but then his car pulled beside us, he had hazel looking eyes, long curly eye lashes with pointy teeth scary looking smile. We got so scared that we started to scream really loud, trying to get our phones to get help. As we looked up from our cell phones and he was already by my side, watching me through the window, and he screamed really loud saying “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” I got so scared because the road was lonely, and there were no noises at all. I locked the doors and raced the car and straight to my house. I was planning on never again going out of town for Halloween!

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