August 15th

August 15th

I am only writing this to pass the time. Hours go by so long in my little cell. I know I don’t belong here, but I am forced to live here with my two stupid cellmates and an annoying nurse who won’t shut up. Writing this is my only escape from this misery that I call a life. It all happened because of one day that could have easily been avoided. The day was August 15th, 2014.

I had my whole life planned out. I would go to college for four years and get a job somewhere in the business world. Have a wife and two kids and maybe get a dog. What I didn't plan was spending my life in one miserable place for the insane. And why would I expect that? I've always been a decent kid with high grades. I never had many friends but hey, my grades were high enough to get me into the college of my dreams. I would be attending in a few weeks so it was time to start packing. While I was packing, I saw something I probably wasn't supposed to see, adoption papers hidden behind a wall of clothes and shoes. It had my name, my day of birth and the day I was adopted. Then I focused in on the day my parents adopted me, August 15th, 1996, six months after I was born. I instantly stopped packing and just laid on the floor, realizing that everything I know is a lie. The next few events were a blur, but I remember waking up in a hospital the next morning, with my so called parents in the room with me. They told me that I killed the family dog and attempted to hang myself with a fishing line and a hangar. I then got up with all my strength and tried to jump out the hospital window. I cant explain to you what I was feeling. I was just sad, angry and disappointed. The nurses were holding me down as I was screaming trying to commit suicide for the second day in a row.

As I was screaming on the floor, I saw two doctors running towards me and stuck me wit a needle and as I was fading away, the last thing I saw were my so called parents crying. I dint understand that, if I wasn't their real son, why wouldn't they be crying, I still to this day don’t understand why they were crying.

After I woke up on August 17th, I was in another hospital, but it wasn't anything like the last one. The patients didn't look physically sick, and they were locked up in cells just like the one that I am locked in. and there was one nurse going around each cell with a needle talking about her sisters wedding. Then I saw that my two cell mates rush to me when they noticed I had awakened. They kept asking me “Why’d you do it”. “Why’d you kill them”? I did not know what the hell they were talking about. I then looked to see their names next to the cell bars with the reason they were there. I then saw my name, and the reason was that I killed my family

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