Her eyes slowly pulled apart, a fuzzy image of dark cell appeared. She parted her dry lips, as her tongue lay limp in her mouth, heavy as a boulder. She tried to slowly lift herself, but every nerve and muscle sent excruciating pain through her body. Her head pounded, and everything went fuzzy. She slowly lifted her head and tried to pull her hand to her face. Her hands were bound with a thick rope, and her wrists burned as she tried to pull them free. They were tied with a think rope that had begun to fray and left deep, bloody cuts. She tried to pull her arm again, but the rope grew even tighter. She moaned and fell onto her side, lying on the cold hard ground. She wasn’t sure where she was or how she got there. The only thing she could recall was walking out of the restaurant with Derek and someone pulled her into an alley and threw her up against a brick wall. She released another dampened moan that explained why she felt like she had been thrown against a wall, she actually had been. Her bones felt crushed and her mouth sore. Soon she started noticing all of the pain, it was all consuming, and explosions of dark colors flashed around her. She heard a dark grumbling laugh, followed by hard punches. She was remembering. But…what had happened to Derek? Did he see her being pulled into the darkness by the cloaked stranger? Or had he thought she simply got bored and pulled her usual stunt of disappearing when her date bored her? Soon the flashing colors faded and she opened her eyes again. She searched the room for a hint of where she could be, and how long she had been there. She couldn’t have been there for more than a week, as she hadn’t drunk anything lately. She looked to her shoulder and saw a large scab, it wasn’t there before her date. She could’ve been there for days. The room was nothing but a stone cell with a lamp dangling on the ceiling. A card table with one leg shorter than the rest stood pathetically only a foot or two away from her, with a flimsy foldable chair. On the table there was some sort of book, a thin cloth and a cup of water. Water… Her tongue was so dry, she could barely move it. She was unable to allow any sound to escape her throat, other a sound much like a dying dog. If only she could reach that cup. She forced every muscle in her body to work and put her in the upright position. It took at least ten minutes, but after several failed attempts she was leaning against the wall. She had to sit there a moment and regain what little energy she had left. Her legs were long enough, that she could stretch them out and pull the table to her. But that would require so much energy, was it even worth it anymore? Maybe Derek was on his way now, maybe he had realized she had been taken and he went after her. Maybe he even fought her captor, to try and save her. He could be on his way right now. How sad would it be if he ran in, risking his life, only to find a bloody, dirty, dead girl. How sad would that be. Focus, she told her self. She took another glance at the table, which began to double and cross back and forth, She slid down, so her legs were further out. She stretched it as far as possible, until she felt the cold leg of the table touch her bare foot. She grinned to herself and pulled her leg up, bringing the table with it. But just as she was able to reach the table, the leg gave way and it fell to the ground with a crash. The cup tumbled of the table and rolled to the other side of the room leaving a puddle of water. A drop of it landed on her shoulder, and she licked it off. It was cold, as if someone had been there recently. She could have cried, had her eyes not been so dried out. She pulled her legs to her chest and shivered.
“Well I guess, I won’t be getting a second date?” She slowly raised her head and looked up. There were those ripped jeans, the black biker jacket, the dark messy hair, blue eyes, and crooked smile. why was he here. “I take it there is some confusion, and I sure don’t blame you.” He chuckled and winked at her, slowly taking steps closer. “I'm sure that rope it getting mighty tight, he knelt to untie the rope. “Don’t touch me.” She croaked. “We’re not going to have any problems are we? You’re going to cooperate I'm sure, or we may just have to resort to other…methods” He got up and walked over to a closet that she hadn’t noticed before. He opened the creaking door, and pulled out a large brief case. He stepped toward the table and looked at it. “What a shame.” He chuckled, with that crooked smile. He sat down and began removing the contents of the case. “No..” She moaned. “No?” he winked “Well In that case I'm afraid you will have to do everything my way.

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