The Wound

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The Wound
I hate you. You have no heart. You have hurt me for the last time. You do not care about me, about what I have been through, or how I feel. You Lie, cheat, steal, and cuss. You’re rude, ugly at heart, and aggressive. You have dragged me down under the dark depths of the cerulean ocean. You have drowned me and killed my very sOul. You’re my demon that beats inside of me, screaming to escape! You know my every move, and my every thought. You cause me my excruciating pain, and yet proVided me my everlasting pleasure. I’m barely hanging on, yet I am only as strong as a beaten soldier…struggling into battle, yelling his final cry! “I am my own pErson and you do not own me”, I shout. But alas, I am not strong enough to beat the devil that thrives within me. As I take my last breath, I throw my head back and praY to God that he will forgive my sins! For I have walked many paths, learned many lessons, and yet still have sinned so much and at such a yOung age! As you reach inside me, I bow my head in agony in despair. I brace myself for what is coming and look into the eyes of my lover, yet my worst nightmare that I have fallen for so fast. I have been possessed…and yoU are the one now…possessing me.

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