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Feild Of Screams

October 24, 2012
By Fruity-Prebles BRONZE, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Fruity-Prebles BRONZE, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
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"If people tell you something you didnt know about yourself, there either gossiping, or they can see what youre hiding inside"

It was a dark night, it was past 11 o’clock and the clouds were rolling in. I was at the Field of Screams haunted park. Ghosts and Ghouls were coming out amongst the houses and trees. The hay ride car was pulling up, Owen, and I were walking into the back of the cart. Sitting in the large piles of hay. The tractors engine revs making a loud humble in the quiet corn field.

We were pulling up to the first tent, the Pig house; Blood was spewing all over the carts passengers. Soaking them from head to toe in the sticky wet goo. Owen screamed, Terrified at the pig staring at his face... Rebecca sat there, laughing and telling the pigs to chase the cart as we left the first tent. Next, was the Clown tent? Bubbles were flying all over, landing in people’s hair and in their laps. Clowns were flying around, jumping out of boxes and flying down fire poles. Owen was bursting out in tears, scooting away from every clown that inched near him. He was over joyed when It was time for the cart to pull out of the clown tent. To his desperation, he now realized the saved the best for last. The chain saw massacre garage doors shut tight. The lights flickered on and off and the chainsaws revved to a start. Masked murderers were running frantically smacking the chainsaw against the wooden cart and against our backs. You could even hear the faint cry of grown man over the loud sound of the chainsaws.

You can imagine how Owen looked by now, frightened to stand up and get off the cart worried that one of the men would have followed him. He darts out of the hayride area into the main entrance way. Running straight into Michael Myers. Owen screeched in terror as Michael drew out his knife and held it up to Owens neck. I had the luck of snapping a photo as Michael released his grip. I then had told Owen that we needed to get in line for one of the other attractions or we would have to wait longer.
“What one do you want to go in next?” He had asked in a low voice. I then told him I thought we should go to the Asylum first. He shrugged his shoulders and followed me into the line. The suspense had obviously been killing him inside for he was jittery and couldn’t stand still. It’s are turn, the Warden has taken count and let us in. Slamming the door and latching it behind us. Owen & I then looked at each other, sending me first we descended down the stair case to the Asylum. We were welcomed by the Doctor and his patients sending us down a long narrow hall way, past the shower rooms, and the many cells of crazies. Owen had been following closely behind. Not letting me out of his sight for a minute in fear that he would have to walk alone.

My hair was being played with by one of the in mates. I could do nothing except laugh at their attempts to scare me. Owen, however, all but peed his pants when they had us walk through a closet and his foot was grabbed. The fear of it all wasn’t that it seems real; it’s remembering all the movies that each little room reminded him of. How almost no one ever made it out alive.

It came time to exit the building; Owen of course, darted out past me. I should’ve warned him by showing fear exiting the building. Leads to many chainsaw freaks to chase you in a heavy pursuit. (Yet, I let it happen just for the pure amusement it would give myself, and possibly many others waiting outside.)

He must of ran out of breathe because by the time I reached where he was standing he was doubled over in pain. I tried not to laugh but I couldn’t help it. There was a sudden outburst of laughter in the crowd around us. He blushed of embarrassment when he realized he was what they were laughing about. “I thought the guys were supposed to protect the girls, not the other way around” Someone yelled from the crowd. That really made him mad, so I told him to follow me and we got in line for the last attraction. The Den of Darkness.

Owen had heard a lot about this one and was petrified about going into it. Though, in thought of what the stranger in the crowd said about me having to protect him. I think that pushed him to be brave. He then started laughing at himself and realized that he would be ok. (This was before Michael Myers appeared behind him in line forcing him to scream) The line behind us could do nothing but laugh. The funny thing was, the same guy that had said something, was the guy standing right behind us! There was quite a wait in line, when it came time to go in. The whole crowd yelled, “Good luck!” This of course, embarrassed him. He was supposed to be the one protecting me if I got scared, not the other way around. I of course, love Field of Screams. I had been there for the third time already this season, and this was Owens first time ever. I’m fascinated by horror. I couldn’t help that I had a passion for it. As we walked in, we were crawling down tunnels, and watching a magnificent mascaraed performed by well-dressed actors. Little did he know, there was a black and white checkered room just around the corner, strobe lights flashed and made it almost impossible to have a sense of direction. When suddenly I noticed a man blend into the wall. Owen sadly didn’t see him. So when he jumped at him, Owen screamed in terror. “I PEED MY PANTS!” He said while laughing hysterically. We were walking into the darkness of the next room; we couldn’t see anything in front of our faces as we heard a chainsaw rev up, a man was chasing us straight out of the building and out of the entrance way to the Scream park. All of a sudden Owen yells “Lets go again!” And I Just walked away.

The author's comments:
I went to feild of Screams with my friends, but one of them couldnt go, so he had asked me to write him a scary story about the adventure we couldve had.

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