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July 20, 2012
By Courts012 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Courts012 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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Mckenna and Chardonnae were the best of friends growing up. They did everything together, from spending the nights at each others house to wearing the same outfits and hairstyles to school. They were like sisters all the way untill 9th grade, thats when things started changing. Chardonnae was doing things that Mckenna wanted no part in, such as smoking. Chardonnae had new friends in high school that smoked cigarettes, "come smoke with us kenna, its not anything strong its just plain cigarettes" Chardonnae would say to her. Mckenna woulndt budge, it wasnt her and she knew better. That year they didnt hang as much, Chardonnae knew Mckenna wasnt down with the smoking so she didnt do it around her they hung on their own time. Mckenna started to feel as her friend was changing, but this was only the beggining.

Come tenth grade Chardonna had developed a new wardrobe; tight half shirts and skin tight jeans. When she sat down you could see her thong, Mckenna was disgusted with her friend. "Char the whole class can see your thong" she whispered in Chardonnae's ear one day, but Char just looked at her and smiled she loved the attention. Everyone had loved Char, why didnt they love Mckenna?

"Wow Mckenna, Nice" , "You look so cool", "Kenna girl whats your number" People said as they passed Mckenna in the hallway. When she got to her locker which she shared with Char, Char came up to the locker as usual. "Hey bestfriend" Char said grabbing her books not even looking at Mckenna, "Hey, Char, Look!" she couldnt resist she knew she had to show her or she wouldnt notice. Char looked, her face told it all, she was amazed, shocked all at once. Then she just smiled "your mom let you get a nose peircing?" is all she had to say, "Yes, my older sister got one and i went with her, I got my belly too" she said lifting up her shirt. "See you in last hour" Char said then walked away. Seems like she had an attitude, but Mckenna didnt understand. Why didnt Chardonnae like more?, Why didnt Char congratualte her?

The next week, Char got her nose pierced and Mckennas nose piercing was like last weeks milk, spoiled. Three days later Chardonnae's nose had gotten bright red, it had got an infection. "Nose piercings are lame anyway" she said one day in school expaining why she didnt have her nose pierced anymore. Lies, but Mckenna knew the real truth to it. She snuck and pierced it, tried to take it out everynight and put it back in before school. Her mom found out and took all her nose rings and pointy objects from her room to prevent the incident from happening again. When she said they were lame she stopped to look her "bestfriend" in the eye. Mckenna wasnt the center of attention anymore, her nose ring was so last week.

Towards the end of 10th grade, Mckenna had gotten a boyfriend named Tyler Hendricks. Tyler was an 11th grader, tall, Tan and buff. He was one of the "cool kids", no one knew they went out until Tyler started appearing everywhere Mckenna was. They would hug and hold hands, people started talking, she would even sit at his basket ball practices. "You go with Tall Tyler?" Char asked her 3 weeks after they start going out. "Why wasnt I the first to know" she questioned her friend. As if she really cared, Mckenna was NEVER the first to know anything thing that went on in Chars life. If anything the VERY last, found out through the great vine that Char was thinking about losing her virginity to a 12th grader. Char was living in her own world, Mckenna just had to do the same.

11th grade year Mckenna came back to school with a tatoo on her right arm, it was a heart. Char flipped when she saw the black heart printed on Kennas arm and insisted it was a fake. She really lost it when she saw Mckennas new Iphone5. Mckenna knew she'd be popular this year and she was still with Tyler. By october Char had an tatoo on her lower stomach that said knock out and one on her lower back that said Dream with clouds around it. "Jock" Mckenna said in the locker room one day after cheerleading practice. It finally occured to her that her friend copied exactly what she did ever since freshman year. Mckenna had to tell her friend off, not just about being a copy cat but about the way Chardonnae treats her.

She rushed out to the parking lot to catch Char at her car, when she got close up to the car she saw Char kissing some guy with her shirt off. She banged on the window Char was her friend she was not about to let her friend be this way she had took this for the longest. She tugged on the driver door and it opened, she pulled Char off of the guy and looked into the guy eyes, she slowly got out the car. "Its not what you think" Tyler got out the car and followed Mckenna. "Your right its what I see!" she pushed him then walked up to Char, "Chardonnae Daniels, my so called bestfriend but hates on everything i do! You just had to have EVERYTHING I had even Tyler, well skip it be a bimbo you can have him!" She screamed. Chardonnae only said sorry then got in her car and pulled off.

Leaving Tyler and Mckenna standing there, they watched as she left. She drove off fast going at least 85, as she turned the corner a school bus rammed her side as she ran the stop sign. The sight of the accident was terrible, her whole car was crushed. Mckenna fell to her knees and poured her heart out into the palms of her hands. She knew her bestfriend was gone, she knew she'd been the cause of Chardonnaes death. After 2minutes of crying, Mckenna got up and ran to the car, the ambulance and police was already there. "Thats my bestfriend!, is she okay, please let me go with her" she cried out as they lowered her onto a stretcher, instead of putting her in the car, they put a slip over her body then a bag went after. Killed instantly, gone in less than 5minutes.

That day Chardonnae realized how obsessed she was with her friend, how she wanted to be so much like her but couldnt. She took her life because she hated herself and if Mckenna want her friend anymore who would she have to imitate?

At the funural, Mckenna spoke, they found her journal she'd been keeping and they explained what happened. "Chardonnae wanted to be me, I couldnt and still cant process this" she took a deep breath "I was trying my hardest to be like her and the cool kids, I changed my look and destroyed my body for attention, while all this time she was trying to be me. I feel like an idiot, just dumb. Im jealous of her and shes jealous of me, jealously does not exsist in a friendship!" she said strongly. "My bestfriend lying in that casket died trying to be me! be yourself i dont care if your a nerd with no friends, thats who YOU are. Dont be jealous of things you dont have be grateful for the things you were given!. So what if your not a cheerleader or a top notch football player, who cares!? As long as your making yourself happy that is whats important. You cant expect others to accept you if YOU dont even accept yourself. Which is the exact reason why all my attempts to be someone I wasnt FAILED. Chardonnae on the other hand had a mentall illness that no one knew of, she had medication but no one seen her take it. I was so busy trying to fit in with her friends I wasnt paying attention to her, know that I think about it she changed in more ways than I thought. She started asking me what color I was wearing every morning and if I was going to wear a bookbag or a purse, so she could copy it. Char started eating the foods I was eating and wearing push up bras to have breast like I did in 9th grade. To wrap this all up, Jealously killed my friend, I killed my friend, Society killed Chardonnae. Dont let clicks, friends, relatives make you jealous and be in the situation Chardonnae was in."

The author's comments:
I really just wanted to write a story that had a meaning to it. The story talks about how important friendship is and how being jealous is a bad thing. I think my story is inspirational =)

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