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The Nightmare

February 15, 2012
By MysteryLover BRONZE, Germansville, Pennsylvania
MysteryLover BRONZE, Germansville, Pennsylvania
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It was an eerie, foggy night Chloe was driving home. It was so foggy she couldn’t see anything but the trees. When she got to a part in the road she could see a man walking out of the forest. She slowed to a stop to see if the man was alright. When the man got closer she knew it was not a man. Chloe had been able to see ghosts since she was little. It was a ghost. She got scared; her heart was beating so fast, because his clothes were stained with blood. So she started the car and drove home as fast as she could. Half way home she didn't feel right. So she looked her rear view mirror and he appeared in the bed of her truck. She got scared again and started swerving all over the road. He disappeared; she got control of the car and started speeding down the road. When she got home she opened the door and turned on the lights. To her surprise they were not working, so she grabbed a flashlight. She turned it on and there he was standing in her apartment. It seemed like she knew him. Then she figured it out it was her ex- boyfriend Alec. They had broken up yesterday and she still loved him. She knew he loved her still too. She remembered that he was going hunting today. Chloe noticed that he was flickering meaning he was not died yet. His spirit had temperately left his body. It is called astral projection which only some people can do. So she ran to her car and went back to the forest. By the time she got there he was sitting by a tree in the snow dying. She had to do something so she called the EMS for help .They told her she would have to get him to the road so they could help. She helped Alec up and they walk as fast as they could to the road. She set him down by her car and asked what happened but he was to cold. She ran to her car to get a blanket when the EMS arrived but it was too late. Right when they got there she saw Alec standing next to her. She looked at him and started crying. Screaming NO, you can’t leave I love you! He looked at her and said that he would never leave. He said that he would be in her heart forever. He also said that whenever she wanted to see him she just had to think of a happy memory of them. She said ok then he disappeared. The EMS came over and said that he was gone and that they were sorry. Chloe got in her car and started driving home. On the way she started thinking what if I had gotten there sooner would he still by alive? Then she was thinking it all my fault and Alec appeared looking at her. He said that no matter what she did she could not have saved him and that no matter what he loved her so much. Then he told her what really happened. He was not hunting he was running. He was being followed by assassins that were trying to kill him. They found him and killed him. That is why he broke up with her. He did not want her to get hurt. Then he disappeared again. Chloe was so angry and wanted revenge!

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