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Wolf: The Story of My Revenge

February 3, 2012
By iatwinss SILVER, Wheatland, Iowa
iatwinss SILVER, Wheatland, Iowa
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It was tired, boring Monday morning. But the whole school was singing. Did you see her? Did you see her? She had been at every party over the weekend: The jocks’, the skateboarders’, the cheerleaders’, the band members’. All of them, she was uninvited but showed up anyway. All of them, she rocked the house. Still, no one knew her. The only thing they had learned was her name was Wolf. She was too busy dancing and singing as if she was making her own music video to speak to anyone. Her peers went crazy over her. They gave up human thinking and became mindless animals flowing to the music. They drank and did drugs to add to their partying. Wolf had never touched the party enhancers. Nevertheless, none of the students buzzing could remember exactly what she looked like. Everything had been a haze to them. She was blond. She was tan. She wore fashionable clothes. Something about her presence brought people to their knees to worship her. Right now, they were praising her. She was beautiful. She was smart. She was funny. How would they know? She never talked. I sit here and listen to their theories of who she is. They were narrowing their list of suspects to who wasn’t at the parties. I wasn’t even in the running. They hadn’t even asked me. They disgusted me. They threw the people who were quiet right out the window, didn’t even consider them. Was it Sammy? No, she was home with a broken leg. Could it be Rachel? No, she’s on a family vacation in the Rockies. Do you think she could be that girl? I pretend to be reading my book and not eavesdropping on their conversation. No way, look at her. She could never be Wolf; she’s not cool enough. I hate them all. They acted like they knew her personally. I smile wickedly at my book. I knew Wolf. She would make them all pay. I’ve made sure of that and they will never know who did it. I wanted to extract my revenge for a while, ever since they kicked me out of their parties because I wouldn’t drink. No plan was in motion until my uncle, the police chief, stepped forward and gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. My revenge appeared in the form of Wolf, the party animal herself. Kick me out because I won’t drink your beer. Ha. I’ll take away your beer and ruin your life forever. This weekend was just a preliminary run. Next weekend, the cops would crash their party and I would have undisputable footage that would keep them in jail. No plea-bargains, no excuses, no mercy. Next Monday will be my heaven, because only my book club will be attending school.

The author's comments:
I hate that sometimes society ignores the quiet people. You should listen to them. They always hear more than you do.

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