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December 17, 2011
By liyara GOLD, Sagar, Ohio
liyara GOLD, Sagar, Ohio
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It was a dark moonless night .the whole of Darjeeling was shrouded in fog and mist. The wind was chilling to the bones .the streets lamps were like dim globes because of thick fog. This night scene was akin to that of horror movies of fame. There wasn’t a single soul to be seen at the abandoned Chawrasta Chowk except for the business man named Shiv Rajan, who was walking at a rapid pace., both to keep himself warm and also to reach home faster. It wasn’t very late but as winters were due the streets were emptied. By the last ray of the sun people were driven indoors. Hunched against the biting cold ,Shiv Rajan who was a very rational and sensible man was walking along the mall road. Barely beyond 5kms he saw an old man hunched and moving in a slow gait. He could make out that the old man was smoking by the smoke being swirled up by the chilling breeze that began to speed up. As Rajan paced up to him he was horrified to see a round ball of fire emanating from the other fellow’s mouth .he was horrorstruck and he ran to avoid that strange creature and the stinky smell. He hasted towards another man whom he saw some distance ahead . He wondered if that young man would believe his words or not. As he came aside to that person to narrate what just happened ,to his surprise the young man had no eyes ,no lips nothing just a blank face . He was shaken and speechless .everything froze .he couldn’t lift his foot and a sec later he realized that phantom held him. He tried with full might to get out of his grip. He pulled himself hard and at to his relief he freed himself. Haunted by the eerie glimpses he raced to his inn .reaching his inn he slammed the door shut and without a breath he bluttered haphazardly everything to the inn keeper . the inn keeper was surprised but there was no sudden gush of scare in him . he calmly asked Rajan was the man’s face something like this? Then Shiv took a serious notice of his appearance ., he felt half dead ,the innkeeper to did not had eyes ,no lips ………nothing.

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