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The Unknown Chapter 3

December 20, 2011
By TragicMagic SILVER, Smiths Grove, Kentucky
TragicMagic SILVER, Smiths Grove, Kentucky
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Chapter Three

Next Friday. Shadow was basically running on the bus. “Lilac, Lilac!” she called. “What do you want!? You’re screaming in my ear!” “Wait! One second.” Shadow shuffled around in her extremely disorganized backpack. She pulled a sheet a paper out of it and shoved it in Lilac’s face. “Look at this!” Lilac stared at the picture that held three teenagers all with the same hairstyle. The first had jet black hair and blood red eyes; the one in the middle had dirty blonde hair with burgundy streaks and he had icy blue eyes; the final one has bleach blonde hair layered with brown and wonderful lavender eyes. Under each of their pictures was a name. The one with red eyes had Ashton under it, the one with blue eyes had the name Edward under it, and the lavender eyed one had the name Jake under it. “Why’d you draw this?” Lilac asked. “I don’t know. I seriously don’t.” Shadow replied.

“I fell asleep in class….” Shadow started “No surprise.” Rose said. “Anyway! I had a dream….” Shadow started again. “Well no duh!” Lilac remarked. “Shut up and listen. In this dream we were in my room and you,” she pointed at Lilac, “get thrown across the room by that Edward guy, and Rose and I get pinned to the wall by the other two.” Lilac’s eyes widened. “What happened?” “I don’t know, the teacher hit my desk and I woke up.” After a moment of silence, Shadow asked “Will you all sleep over tonight? I think that’s supposed to happen.” Rose and Lilac nodded their heads.

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Chapter three! :)

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