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Color Scheme

October 9, 2011
By notmehaha GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
notmehaha GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
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Three color can make a whole world of possibilities. There was Agent Red, a feisty crayon who always got into trouble. Then came Agent Blue, a calm colored pencil with a sharp end. Last of the bunch was Agent Yellow, a marker with a bright personality. Together they were called, the Color Scheme. The leader of the group was Agent Blue. This week their mission was to kidnap Princess Oil Pastel. She lived in an art-room far, far away. The three colors set off to find her. They took the GreenGo Train and arrived at the art room in roughly two days. The room was different than anything they've ever seen before. Tall wood chairs, a blank white type of material, and many different drawing utensils. It was unbelievable. Still astonished, the colors fled to an organized box full of oil pastels. The princess rested at the very top of the box. She had the brightest shade of purple and all the color in the world adored her. There were giant erasers guarding her every move (Wonder how she went to the bathroom) so the mission wouldn't be as easy as they thought it would be. The Color Scheme waited hours for the night to grow old. When it was almost midnight, the guards were soon about to fall asleep. Princess Oil Pastel lay asleep in her cozy bed made of the tips of paintbrushes. Half an hour later the meat heads protecting her dozed off and she was in the clear. the whole gang was on their toes and carefully inserted four sleeping pills into her mouth. They carried her out of the box and tied her up. Along the way Agent Red noticed something familiar about her, but he shrugged it off and carried her into their new vehicle, the Pencil Sharpener. It could travel ninety miles per hour and was stolen from King Chalk. He was Princess Oil Pastel's uncle. Her father was shot after trying to stop a mysterious robbery. The only clue left behind was a small crayon marking. The princess wouldn't stop kicking and screaming. She tried her best to get help. Though when she saw Agent Red, she was certain they've met before. Still screaming and kicking, she was placed in the trunk of the vehicle. The Color Scheme drove all the way to Elmer's Groove. When they reached their hide out, the princess was no longer there. Startled, the gang started searching for her. They knew she couldn't of gotten far. The three split up and decided to meet back in an hour. Agent Blue headed North. Along the way he saw purple tracks every other yard. Agent Red directed himself East, where he found a broken necklace. Agent Yellow traveled West and found a violet piece of felt. Forty-five minutes passed and the three were heading back to their hide out. No one found anything significant so they decided to look around as a team. They drove farther down the dusty South and arrived at their hometown, CrayolaVille. Still no sign of her. Or at least that's what they thought. In front of the Color Scheme appeared a faded version of the princess at her castle. She was sleeping in her bed while her father was aside from her in a different room. He was still awake at the night's darkest hours. With bags under his eyes he held a large staple and he looked somewhat frightened. Creeping around the room he seemed to have spotted unwanted company. As he was about to sawing at one of his visitors, another shot him at his upper left chest. His body collapsed to the ground and the princess had awoken. The burglars headed out with worn out bags in their hands and were running at light speed. The princess ran down to her father with a worried face that soon turned wet with tears. The Color Scheme couldn't believe what they saw. Or at least Agent Blue and Agent Yellow had their jaws hang around and eyes bulged out wide. Agent Red remained seated in his chair with clear liquid draining from his eyes. The other two members asked what was wrong and Agent Red couldn't answer. All they could make out were a few words muffled by short breaths. When he finally calmed himself down, he told them his tragic story.

The author's comments:
This is the first part of a sequel that makes art come to life. It's about three agents who kidnap a young princess, but one of the members in the gang realizes the princess and him have been in an event a long time ago.

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