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Special Delivery

June 8, 2011
By SabreEleven DIAMOND, Madeira, Ohio
SabreEleven DIAMOND, Madeira, Ohio
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The semi truck sped down the highway as Greg Michaels turned up the radio. A heavy metal song was blaring now. He loved metal music. It fit his life.

He was a truck driver for Weapons for Great Cause (WGC). His company created and delivered experimental weapons to different private companies and businesses. Greg honked the horn and sped up to seventy miles an hour. A man named Mr. Sik had ordered a large shipment of close range weapons. Greg had to make this deadline.

Greg had a wife and two kids. Sarah was his wife and Sean and Carrie were his son and daughter. Sean was sixteen and Carrie was fifteen. Greg saw a sign that read “Exit Ramp 54” and he got off the exit. Now all he had to find was Pine leaf Circle, Mr. Sik’s street. Greg cruised down the road and his phone rang.
“Hello?” He answered.
“Don’t talk, just listen.” The voice said.

Greg was speechless.

The man continued, “Those weapons you are bringing to Mr. Sik…they are powerful, extraordinary even. Oh, and Greg? I have your children. Bring the weapons to the Plaza Beach Hotel in Sacramento California before the week is out, or I will kill them.”

The man hung up and Greg pulled over and dialed his wife.
“Sarah,” he began, “He has Sean and Carrie.”
“Greg? Who has them?”
“A man who just called me.”
“Greg, Sean and Carrie are fine, they are right here with me. We are playing a board game.”
“Honey,” Greg interrupted, “I gotta’ go. I’ll call you back.”

A man in a truckers cap stood outside the truck. He had a gun.
“Out of the truck, now,” The man told Greg as he cocked his gun. Greg did as he was told.
“Face the truck and raise your hands.”

Greg did that too as the man struck him from behind. Greg blacked out. When Greg came to an hour later, the truck was gone.

Greg’s attacker sped down the road and picked up his phone.
“Mr. Sik?”
“Yes that’s me.”
“This is Greg Michael’s, sorry I’m running late. I’ll be at your house any minute,” The man lied.
“That’s quite alright,” Mr. Sik said. Greg’s attacker hung up and made his way to the house. Greg’s attacker’s real name is Jeff White. He was impersonating Greg. When Jeff pulled up to Mr. Sik’s house, he got out to greet Mr. Sik.

Jeff led him to the back of the truck and aimed the gun at his head.
“Get in,” Jeff said to Mr. Sik.

Then, Jeff shot Mr. Sik in the stomach. The wound wasn’t fatal, but it would be soon. Jeff tied up Mr. Sik and drove back to where he had left Greg. Luckily, Greg had gone into the diner to get lunch.

Jeff had hit Greg so hard that Greg did not remember where he was. Jeff grabbed him lightly, so as to not cause a scene, and took him outside. Jeff kneed Greg in the stomach, tied him up, and threw him in the back of the truck. Jeff White was slowly becoming Greg Michaels.

Back at Greg’s house, his wife, Sarah, began cleaning up the game she had played with her son and daughter. Sean and Carrie had run off with their friends. Sarah, he has Sean and Carrie. That sentence flashed through her mind. She was getting scared. To be sure they were ok; she called both Sean and Carrie. They were both fine. Sarah walked to the couch, laid down and went to sleep.

Jeff made his way down the highway. He had kidnapped two men and he was holding them hostage. His next targets were Sarah, Sean, and Carrie, Greg’s family. Jeff drove to WGC to pick up a sniper rifle. He used Greg’s keycard to get in. After he got a rifle, he went to check on his hostages. Mr. Sik had untied his rope, but Greg was still out cold. Jeff shot Mr. Sik in the head and his body slumped over, lifeless.

Jeff got back in the truck and drove to Greg’s house. When he got out, he noticed that Carrie was just getting home. He took the chance. Carrie screamed as Jeff grabbed her and threw her to the ground. She hit her head and stopped moving. Jeff tied her up and threw her in the back with her father.

Creeping quietly into the woods across the street from the Michael Household, he cocked his rifle. He stared down the sight to see Sarah just getting into bed. Right as she got under the blankets, Jeff squeezed off a shot. The deafening boom of the rifle shattered the once calm life in the trees. Jeff chuckled as he saw Sarah’s body slide off the bed.

His last target was Sean. Jeff looked through the scope to see Sean running into his Mother’s room. Perfect.

Jeff adjusted the sight so he could see Sean’s right leg clearly and he fired. Sean fell as his leg shattered from the force of the bullet. His mouth opened in pain and Jeff shot him between the eyes, finishing him off.

Jeff made his way to the truck and grabbed a tank of gas and doused the house in it. HE lit a match and watched as the house went up in bright orange flames.

Jeff went back to the truck and beat the living daylights out of Greg. Then, he shot Greg. Jeff then got back in the driver’s seat and left with Carrie, Greg’s daughter. Jeff was ready to begin a new life. A new life as Greg Michaels, delivery man.

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on Jul. 1 2011 at 4:34 pm
SabreEleven DIAMOND, Madeira, Ohio
51 articles 0 photos 132 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Backpack, gimme another beer!" --Nate Bell

thanks! yeah I felt like I rushed this one

on Jun. 30 2011 at 5:39 pm
MidnightWriter SILVER, Ontario, Other
6 articles 0 photos 225 comments

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Good plot, but the manner in which it was written didn't seem to have a lot of action. It bored me just a little. Other than that, good idea.