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March 19, 2011
By marsbareater12 SILVER, Somerville, Other
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A/N My first attempt at posting here. Hope you like it ?
She curled around herself, biting, licking every spot possible. This is crazy she told herself in between pants of desperation. Insane even. You shouldn’t be doing this.
But she still managed to tear her teeth into another piece of her flesh, moaning as she sucked the blood down her throat. She wasn’t a vampire, far from it, but she loved the taste. She was desperate to get more. She needed more.
Okay, you’ve done this before, but never like this. A sharp growl helped silence the voice in her. Nothing mattered anymore but the blood.
She absently noted the staining of the flawless white tiles in the bathroom, and growled once again, placing her mouth where the light pink stains were. She eagerly sucked it off the tiles, trying to ignore how the floor had tainted the taste. This was her blood and no one else was getting it. Not even this floor.
Her mouth ran over it, sucking every spot up she could. When there was nothing left to suck, an animalistic howl of rage tore from her, echoing around the walls. She knelt her head down and ripped into her upper arm, ignoring the awkward position she was in to get it. All that mattered was that the liquid was sliding down her throat, that she was finally tasting it once again.
You need to get help. You’ll kill yourself!
She didn’t care. The wound was sucked dry, and the sound of ripping flesh once again tore into her mind as she bit hungrily into new spots in her arm. The lumps of skin were tossed aside carelessly as she attacked her own body like a rabid beast.
Another moan escaped her as she latched onto a pulse point in her ankle. This, this, was the true definition of heaven. The blood was oxygenated, flowing directly from her heart, the willing organ pumping more and more straight into her mouth. She was vaguely aware that she could no longer feel her foot anymore, but it didn’t matter. She was feeling something much better.
Pulse points always lasted the longest. But, even that had to dry up eventually, and so she latched onto the one of her wrist. The arms of her shirt had been ripped off, tossed aside in the desperate attempt to get to the heaven which lay under her skin.
She ripped her skirt off, and burrowed into her thigh. The pesky barrier of flesh was discarded again, and she let the blood stain her lips this time, being deliberately messy as to have more to enjoy later. She even grabbed some of it and smeared it across her cheeks and forehead, like war paint. A hysterical giggle escaped her.
Eventually, all of the other points were extinguished, and she moved onto somewhere she had never been before, the heart. She knew it would be better than anything; it was the centre of the blood factory. It would have so much-
Her mouth watered, and she couldn’t wait any longer. She clawed at her shirt, ripping through it easily and slicing through the flesh. Her arms grabbed the bones in her ribs and snapped them off, her blood-deluded brain not even noticing the pain as she eagerly sunk her teeth into the final organ.
She didn’t even register the world going blurry at first, thinking she was just deluded from the blood. It had brought her up into a new euphoria, crashing through any other levels of happiness. The pulse point-it tasted like garbage compared to this. There were no words to describe it. Wonderful, amazing, euphoric, drug like-none even came close.
She never knew she had gone too far. Her body slumped, yet even in her final seconds, she was able to keep sucking the sweet nectar, drawing it through her lips and down her throat to join the rest.
Her body was found in the morning, the corpse drained of blood, the stomach full of it.

The author's comments:
Inspired by a 100 word drabble

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