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The Night Stalker Part II

February 2, 2011
By mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
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Death was never a terrible thing for me. I always thought that I would be surrounded by my family when I died. I had hoped that I would look into their eyes and love them as I had always loved them. Never did I imagine that my life would end with me tied up in chains. But here I am, within this dark cellar, looking at the man in black sleeping on the floor next to me. Suddenly, the cold air brought me to reality.
“Jenny” My friend whispered, “Help me.”
The dark, cold damp cellar was only about ten feet long and was, lit by a single light. Gazing into the dark, I could see my friend, Emily. She was pale with fright and was staring at me, helplessly.
“Where am I?” I asked.
She shook her head.
“I don’t know” She told me, “But we must keep quiet or else…”
“Shut Up!” Came a yell.
Suddenly, a large stature man came into the room. He wore a mask over his face and marched over to Emily.
“I told you not to talk” He told her.
I tried to move my arms. It was only then that I saw that I was bound by a chair. Suddenly, the man was in my face, laughing.
“That’s right sweetie” He spoke, “You’re not going anywhere; Even your friend, Dr. Edward Wilson will not find you.”
With that, he brought back his hand and slapped me across the face. A stinging pain rocked across my face. Soon, tears were falling out of my eyes as he turned and kicked Emily.
“Help!” I screamed, “Please, someone he…”
Before I could finish, the man had grabbed my mouth and held it there.
“Be quiet” He hissed, “Or else!”
Suddenly, there was a bang from above, followed by a voice.
“Is there anything wrong?” Someone asked.
“No” Replied the man, “My daughter is just trying out for the school play, that’s one of her lines.”
The voice replied with an okay and then everything was silent. Several minutes passed by before the man spoke again.
“Talk again and I’ll kill you!” He whispered into my ear.
My eyes quickly shot towards where Emily was lying. There she was, tied up and gagged.
“This is so that you don’t make any sounds” He growled.
Then, he gagged me too. A sweaty old sock was shoved into my mouth and I was there, my arms raised up over my head, a prisoner in this man’s house. Walking away, I noticed how the man was walking. He had a sort of a limp that was very familiar…disturbingly familiar. Looking down, I saw that I was in my pair of jeans and a shirt but then I felt that that man had removed everything from my body, my cell phone, my purse, and even my I-phone. Instantly, my thoughts turned to Edward, and the last that I saw and heard of him.

“Jenny!” He had screamed, and then everything had gone black.

Now, more than ever, I needed the detective’s help. Edward was the modern Sherlock Holmes and no matter what, we solved every crime that we ever came across.
“Please” I tried to say, “Help me.”
Sometimes the crime was solved in an hour or two, sometimes days but no matter what, we solved them.

The next day went by in a blur. It was like one of those horrible dreams that you have; the one where you want to wake up from but can’t. First came the hunger and then came the thirst. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get any saliva and so, I sat there and waited. Minutes seemed like hours, hours seemed like days, and with every minute that I sat there, I prayed. Around five o’ clock, the man came home. I could hear him upstairs as he removed his keys and an object that sounded like chains. The creaking of the door was nightmarish as well as his slow footsteps towards me. Upon entering the room, I could smell the scent of freshly made doughnuts and coffee on his person.
“Have you been good, little kiddies?” The man asked.
Little kiddies, that’s what the police chief and officers called us when we went to elementary school. Suddenly, everything came upon my mind; the coffee, the chains, the doughnuts, and the limp. All at once, all the facts to me; I was being held hostage by the police chief!
“Help!” I tried to call again.
Suddenly, the sting of a slap was across my face.
“Quiet, my pretty” He sneered, “And I’ll let you live!”
Ripping the sock out of my mouth, he glared at me. By now, I could see his blue eyes and it was then that I knew that I was indeed being held by the police chief.
“Any last words?” He whispered, while wiping a small pocket knife over my face.
“Yes” I responded, “Why did you do this…chief?”
Fear shot straight into his eyes as he looked at me.
“What did you say?” He asked.
“I said…”
Before I could respond, there was a loud CRASH! From overhead. Looking up at the ceiling, the police chief hear the floor boards creak as the intruder walked across the floor and opened the creaky door.
“Well, we have another guest.” The chief laughed, quietly.
Pulling out a pistol, the chief put the barrel up to the side of my head.
“Make any sounds” He told me, “And I’ll blow your head off.”
Suddenly, the basement door blew open. Gazing straight ahead, I saw him, the detective. His grey trench coat blew in the wind while his hat covered his face. Glaring straight ahead, Edward saw me and then looked at the police chief. Holding his hand straight out, I saw that he held an old 1700s pistol.
“Hello, Edward” The chief said, flatly.
“Greetings, chief” Edward responded, “Are you okay, Jenny?”
Giving a short nod, I watched as Edward took aim at the chief.
“You might want to be careful” the chief advised, “I can kill her before you can fire your only shot.”
Edward did nothing but look at me and then at the chief.
“Jenny close your eyes!” Edward shouted.
No sooner did I do that, did I hear a loud BANG! Followed by the screams of the chief. Opening my eyes, I saw Edward drop the pistol and lunged at the chief. With one fell swoop, he picked up the chief and twisted him twice in the air before smacking him down on the floor. The pistol dropped out of the chief’s hand as Edward stepped away and picked the pistol up. Holding the barrel pointed at the chief’s head, I watched as my friend looked behind him.
“Clear!” He shouted.
Suddenly, a swarm of police officers came flooding into the basement.
“Go ahead” The chief said, “Shoot me.”
Edward glared at the chief and took the clip out of his pistol.
“I wouldn’t give you the honor.” Edward said.
The, he turned to me and looked at me.
“Are you hurt?” He asked.
“No” I replied.
“Get her some water and food.” He instructed, “And unchain her.”
After a few minutes, I was full, hydrated, and sitting on the back of an ambulance.
“How did you find me?” I asked.
He smiled, like my old friend use to, and looked at me.
“I found you using two methods” He spoke, “The first was your I-phone. You left it on and so I hacked it and saw that you were being held in a basement. But, I could also see outside and saw the unique design of the buildings outside, so I searched for them. While I was there, I heard you scream and I replied. When I heard the chief’s voice, I knew something was irregular so I used the second method.”
“Which was what?”
“The circle method. I drew a design of all the possible ways for the kidnapper to get away and I saw that the chief’s house was in the center so, I grabbed some of my old friends from the force and I came here. Voila! You are rescued.”
“How did the chief survive that shot?”
“I load all my weapons with grounded up rock.”
Standing up, he looked around and then back at me.
“Your parents are waiting for you,” He said.
Then, he took off into the night.

I never thought that death was a lonely person, I often thought of him as well liked but now I knew…if death had a face, it was the face of the night stalker.

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