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Blood suckers

December 15, 2010
By Cinder SILVER, Auckland, California
Cinder SILVER, Auckland, California
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Taking Prue’s pale cold hand was like touching death for the first time. She smiled at me showing her wicked fangs they were as sharp as needles as they embedded into my neck, I squealed in pain and excitement. The blood was dripping off my neck like droplets of rain. This beautiful girl was feeding off me like she owned my body; I never gave consent, but how could I say no?
She looked up at me with her innocent looking face and devious smile; I knew nothing about her was innocent, but I couldn’t stay away.
The flowing red hair that surrounded her face made her all the more irresistible.

I woke up that morning with blood smeared on my pillow. I started to sweat and panic, not again I thought to myself, I had been having these recurring dreams that feel so real. I couldn’t explain it? I didn’t understand why this was happening to me. These dreams were over powering and Prue would sometimes say to me don’t leave me here.
Trying not to think about everything that happened with me and Prue last night, I grabbed my packed lunch and headed out the door to school. On the bus heading to school I was breathing heavily I felt as if my heart was about to explode. I couldn’t go through this anymore, I needed help and not the doctors help. How could I explain this to anyone? Nobody would understand?
Not much later a young blonde headed girl came and sat beside me she was unbelievably beautiful, she faced me and then whispered her name in my ear, just like Prue did with the same husky voice. Bianca was great we causally talked most of the way to school. I wanted to tell her what was happening to me, I really needed someone to talk to, I was going insane.
The bell rang for class, we had English, the class I would fall asleep in and get sucked into the vortex of my intense dreams. Pupils in my class were aware of what I did, but when I would wake up after class, all eyes would be on me. The expressions on their faces told me that they were concerned, but intrigued. Sometimes I would get questions like what goes on inside your head. I would usually answer with a simple I have no idea. It wasn’t a lie either; I was just as confused as anyone else.
Mrs Albatross didn’t mind me sleeping in her class, because she told me I was to bright for my own good anyway. When she announced it to the class I would here the giggles of many girls.
Sticking my head down on the schools plastic crappy desk I shut my eyes peaceful, except I wasn’t relaxed on the inside, I was anxious and excited at the same time. I didn’t know what new adventure I would be taken on.
In the distance I saw her she was stunning, she walked up to me and kissed me gently and sweetly on my lips. It made every bone in my body tingle with excitement. I was drawn to her. When I tried to speak she would tell me just to enjoy the moment without speaking. I would try and speak but nothing would come out. I wanted to know what she wanted; I knew she craved more than my blood. I was like her puppet and she would move me and make me do what she wanted me to do by tugging on my strings.
To be honest I didn’t mind it, I was just curious as to why me? Why did she pick me to taunt and traumatise?
I could see pure’s fangs coming out to play, the pain was so excruciating, but I couldn’t get away. It was a dream I couldn’t escape. She drew an enormous amount of blood from me, I then felt faint and sick. My energy levels had dropped.
All of the sudden I snapped out of my dream. My eyes flickered towards the bright light in the class room and everything turned black.
A loud noise woke me up and I still felt faint and slightly restless. A large man in a doctors suite came forward he wore a concerned look on his face. He told me I had lost a lot of blood and it was unexplainable. I knew it was unexplainable that’s what scared me to death.
Apparently I was meant to not sleep until they could figure out what was wrong with me, but I was tired and my eyes were seconds away from closing. Prue was taking away my life; the doctor said I was lucky to have made it.
The next day I went back to school, I got the odd question, but mainly everyone stared at me like I had lost the plot.
That night I laid down in my bed without closing my eyes, I was afraid to go to sleep, afraid I would never wake again, and afraid I might not be as luck this time. I never slept that night, but Bianca came instead.
As Bianca and I lay on my bed she smiled her sweet innocent smile, then it all changed she had a hungry look on her face, she didn’t look happy either. I saw her fangs and almost fainted in shock. I was freaking out what was I going to do? Everything seemed so surreal, but I knew it wasn’t. She was bound to pounce on me and suck the life right out of me. To my surprise Bianca contained herself.
I now know they are out there for sure, I have evidence, those blood suckers are beautiful, irresistible and charming, but they are only after one thing. I must keep fighting against them even if it kills me, there is nothing else I can do, but keep fighting. They will always be after my blood.

The end

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Cinder SILVER, Auckland, California
8 articles 0 photos 14 comments

Favorite Quote:
''Curiosity kills the cat''

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