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Highways and Martini Glasses

November 15, 2010
By Junebug694 GOLD, Brentwood, Tennessee
Junebug694 GOLD, Brentwood, Tennessee
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The martini glass on the table rocked violently, nearly tipping over. There was silence for a few moments, before another loud slam shook the small apartment. This time the glass did fall, spilling its clear liquid across the table and showering the surrounding area with broken shards. A longer silence. Shuffling, grumbling, and other such muffled noises could be heard through the thin walls. In a sudden outburst of energy, the room exploded into action as a <i>thump-thump</i> noise made its way from one side of the apartment to the other. A heavier set of <i>thump-thumps</i> followed the first. A loud crack resounded, echoing across rooms. It seemed the loudest noise in the world, though it was no doubt drowned out by countless others. The clear liquid diluted the thick scarlet puddle that was fast spreading across the table and staining the carpet. Another silence, as if, despite the sounds of relentless traffic and the amorous couple next door, the world had paused. But reality again commenced with a grunt, a screech and a crack as a stubborn window opened, and a dull thump three stories below. The stubborn window was forced closed. Both of the liquids staining the table were wiped clean with a dirty rag and rearranged furniture covered the matching stain on the grimy carpet. The glass shards were swept into the trash. The couple in the adjacent apartment continued with their own evening activities. And the relentless traffic drove on.

The author's comments:
okay so this is just an experiment, to see if i could successfully tell a scene that only focused on one or two unrelated objects. it needs a ton of work, and i've been fluctuating between titles. comment with suggestions, feedback, etc.

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