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Recovering the Underground~Chapter 2

September 17, 2010
By SageSin GOLD, Oaklawn, Illinois
SageSin GOLD, Oaklawn, Illinois
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The cage was rattled as was I. I leapt onto the creature of abhorrence and splendor that stood in the slivery radiance. Biting into soft supple flesh. Oh my begotten heavenly father. I was starving in extreme anxiety every element of my life form was pleading for the flavor of just one drop of essence. My remains resonating with a throbbing twinge that had been fermenting ever since the repulsive malignant Silek(human, mortal) heaved me in this soggy and sinister impound where in illumination had been stolen from us, where the screeches never came to an end all the while your psyche jabbed at your sanity edging you closer and closer to inclusive abandon. The mortal in my hand gasped and shaken tried pulling away ineffectually for it was in vain I was stronger…I mislaid my grasp, and I stared into its visage through the obscurity.
The face was a woman’s; a Silek female with the features of a seraph (angel). Eyes as vivid and jade as the sun’s eternally growing grass. Her blood seeped down her neckline from where I had sunk my incisors into her luscious skin. My entire being drawn to her like a fly to mutton. She was petrified for her existence. I crept back and she uttered a frightened noise not deafening but a little pitched. I expected it I begun to flee but the girl had secured and locked the hefty metal entry. She was nipping her bottom lip a few tears sprawling down the slopes of her crimson cheeks she stroked the mark red liquid smudged onto her fingertips. Horror spread across her glorious face. What have I done?
I approached but by breaching my chamber she released them all and the 4 other survivors of the solitude encroached closer and closer. Their eyes held ravaneous apeitiate and yet they held back better than I. One with burgundy light curls condemed me against a sordid cement wall his fangs sharp and exposed. “Why did you taste her you swine!”his voice held a british dealect I rembered this one #156 he had been taken here when he turned 12 by his own parents not knowing nor weanting whom he was. My mentality turned to repugnance. “why should I have to enlighten myself to you!”A different lad black hair that was dangling in his facade cerulean eyes veiled under the locks glistened with thirst but he simply moved to the woman whom was trying to compose herself and licked the wound sealing it with his saliva. My eyes and the others simmered somewhat but under the surface we were all starving.This one I did not know but he owned no top and master had trademarked us all with a severe fire brand. The burned in numbers said #9841. I was in debt to him now which enraged me ever more “what in the nine agonys did you do that for?”He turned to me and then I recognized he was blinded by chemicals .S**t what had the master done to him?

The author's comments:
This one is kind of intresting I'm introducing a few more members of a soon to be screwed up family! lol enjoy!
//,..,^ FANG SAYS: YAY!

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