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lurchins part 2

July 28, 2010
By angelambie BRONZE, Thunder Bay, Other
angelambie BRONZE, Thunder Bay, Other
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. “Sure!” he answered enthusiastically walking out the door and into his ford truck, by this time i could tell he was drunk. I jumped into the truck slinging my bag onto the seat in the back. He slowly drove the vehicle out of the dark driveway, almost hitting a red volvo on the street. The ride was long as it was silent, other then the trucks loud muffler mumbling in the background. We arrived at the party, it was crowded with many people i previously had known, the music was blasting. I pushed myself through the swarm of people in the living room and continued to walk into the kitchen. While looking for a substitute for beer i find nothing so i grab a Coors light from the large cooler on the floor. While i looked for Adrianna i glared at the crowd around me they were people i did not know but looked similar to they type of people Adrianna disliked. I heard a splash from the backyard, i turned my body around to stare out the window and pop open the cap on my beer, while watching Adrianna in her low cut bikini in the middle of a group of guys, typical Adrianna i thought to myself. I ignored the thought of confronting Adrianna and slowly headed towards the basement in hopes that no one had thought of going down there. I walked down the narrow hallway thinking that I have always disliked Adrianna's basement but at the moment that didn't matter. I gripped the handle firmly, turned it, then opened the door which made plenty of noise for anyone to hear but with the music this loud it would be impossible. The wooden stairs were old with nails half sticking out of the sides as they made a creaking sound whenever you stepped foot on a board.i turned on the light before stepping foot on the cold concrete floor as i made my way over to the soft black couch. I sat down without thinking and pulled a small book from under me using my index finger and thumb to toss it onto the table in front of me. I took a sip of my beer, “ughhh.” i muttered setting the beer down on the table beside the book. Just then the lights flickered off my disguist came to a hault and suddenly i was scared again. Maybe the electricity went out i thought to myself but noticed the music was still playing. I looked towards the wall in front of me and glanced at the reflection of the window, but somthing wasn't right, i could tell. What i saw was a shadow in the reflection of the window which disappeared before i managed to look behind me. I heard someone scream upstairs and jumped up frightened by the sound, something was deffinately wrong. I ran up the stairs opening the door and looking around the house to find something but what i found was nothing. I peered throught the window in the kitchen pulling back the blinds that were once open so i could check for Adrianna. All i could see was Adrianna lying on the hard ground infront of the pool alone. By then my mind took control and sent me hurling towards the white patio doors, “Call 911!” i yelled before leaving the house. A few people followed as the rest stood around worried about what was going on “The ambulance will be here in a few minutes.” someone replied from inside the house. I lowered my self to Adrianna as i realized the gash on her neck. Besides one of your friends becoming the victim this was beginning to look like something you would see in a vampire movie...vampire movie? The ambulance was crowded, as the paramedic and i were on one side, while Adrianna laid on the stretcher across the other side. I looked at the name tag on the man's shirt that read Henry Vander. Odd i thought, I know Henry Vander, but that isn't him. I stared at his face he looked shockingly unfamiliar. I realized i was staring to long, he glanced at me smirking. The ride had been a while, “where are we?” i questioned my voice soft mixed with confusion. The man driving turned on the radio as they both ignored me. “James Valcon and Chris Welters, escaped from Blackrock prison only three days ago, their appearances are quite similar. Chris Welters is five foot seven with dark brown hair and light blue eyes. James Valcon...” the radio blurted out before suddenly haulting to a stop. I looked at Chris again, Dark brown hair... light blue eyes. I gasped for air while trying to come to the conclusion that the man sitting beside me was not Chris Welters, but the thought frustrated me. My head began to throb an the only thing i could hear were the two men in the ambulance yelling. My vision became small slits and soon enough i could not see at all.

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