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The Dream (Part 1)

May 18, 2010
By pandabearrrr SILVER, San Pedro, California
pandabearrrr SILVER, San Pedro, California
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My only regret in life is that I wasn't somebody else.
- Woody Allen

It was the most bizarre feeling. I could see myself, I could feel myself. I knew I was there. But I wasn't there, not all the way. I could not turn my head but I could shift my eyes to see that there was no driver. Regardless, the car was still moving. Traveling up a giant cement bridge, and everything was gray. The sky was gray, the bridge was gray, my body was gray, my house was gray, the other cars were gray, all gray... except my eyes. I felt like stone, my hand stuck underneath my chin while I watched the reflection of my brown eyes shifting in the car window. There were thousands of cars trying to get on this bridge, but we were all moving, slowly and steadily. We reached the top of the bridge and began our descent. Our speed increased, all of the cars zooming down the other side of the bridge like they had all lost control. And the colors started appearing. A few speckles of green and brown on some trees...then blues and reds and oranges and whites, every color imaginable flew back to where it belonged. But everyone else disappeared. Somehow, on the way down I was in the only car left. The absent driver pulled into a couldesac. And I got out of the car. Cute, simple houses with short green grass, it looked like a little girls dollhouse. I walked inside the nearst one. I don't know my own motive, it was an impulsive action. I closed the door and turned around. It was a birthday party. A long oak table with a child at every seat. At the head of the table, the very angry birthday boy started throwing around the cake and screaming, tossing his presents off the table. And the other children did nothing. They just sat and watched, with blank expressions on their faces. I noticed stairs right behind and me and decided to try and run and hidel. I sat my foot on the first step and turned back, to make sure nobody saw me. Someone did. A little girl with a brown bob was staring directly at me, but her eyes had no color. They were gray and pupiless. She stared at me, that blank expression still there until I turned back around and ran up the stairs. There was only one door, at the very end of the hallway. I walked in and it smelt awful. There was a bunkbed on the side of the room, and a very very sick boy on the bottom bunk. It was the twin brother of the boy downstairs. He looked at me, his eyes large and dark and couldn't get out a word he was shaking so badly. He was incredibly handssome. He and his twin had to be at least 16. I walked over to the window and opened it, and at once the sunshine came over and shone threw the window. The boy smiled for a second then stopped. The screaming downstairs had gotten eerily quiet, and I heard footsteps running up the strairs. The boy turned to me with a terrified look on his face, then shoved me out of the window. I somehow landed on my feet. I then heard a voice, one that belonged the boy who shoved me out of the window. "Go to my next door neighbors house. You will find another set of twins. Help the weaker one, he'll be hiding under the stairs. Then save us. Please." So I went to the next door neighbors house and walked in through the door. Unlike the last, it was quiet. But everything was broken. There was the same oak table but someone had broken it in half. The walls had been scraped up and tagged and the floors, covered in broken glass. I carefully stepped over to the empty space beneath the stairs. Once again, a terrified but handsome face looked back at me. "I'm here to save you." I whispered. The boy just shook his head and yanked me under with him so I was hiding behind him. He wrapped his arm around me protectively. I heard footstepts crunching the broken glass, not panicked and angry like the boy at the last house. But slow and deliberate. Like he was trying to crush as much as he could with each step. "Oh bro!" A sickeningly sweet voice called out. "Someone doesn't happen to be with you right?" More slow footsteps that brought a long a tall shadow, and the glint of a blade. "You know what I said about company..." The voice slid from sweet to a menancing growl. A handsome but twisted face dropped down, a knife held up in front of the identical face before him. A little chuckle escaped before he said in that overly sweet tone, "Well who have we got here."

The author's comments:
This was a dream I had for a week straight when I was in 5th grade. 7 years later, it still is in my head so I decided to write it down. I think it'd be a pretty cool movie.

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