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The Vampire Chronicles: Part 1-Allison (12)

May 18, 2010
By TeamJacobArchuleta ELITE, Chicago, Illinois
TeamJacobArchuleta ELITE, Chicago, Illinois
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I walked in and headed for my locker. To my surprise Tinsley Fields, a preppy cheerleader, was waiting for me at my locker.

"Uh, hi Tinsley." I greeted her.

"So is it true that you think you're a vampire?" she asked sounding amused. My mouth dropped open. How could Natalie have done that to me? I wondered just how many people she had told this to.

"Did Natalie tell you that?" I asked, just wanting to make sure. Although I already knew what the answer would be.

"Yeah. So is it true?" she pressed on.

"No. It's not." I glared at her and made my way around her. Then I opened my locker and began gathering my materials for first period.

"Are you sure? Because Natalie said---"

"Yes I'm sure!" I shouted at her.

"Well no need to yell." She snickered at me, flipped her golden blonde hair, and strode off.

"Hey Bella! Where's Edward?!?" some random kid called, and then cracked up laughing at his own joke as he walked past me. Now I was angry. I slammed my locker shut and stampeded over to Natalie's locker.

She was in the middle of a conversation with David Walsh. "Natalie!" I interrupted her.

"Did you hear something?" she asked David.

He looked over at me and bit his lip. "So I'm guessing you two are fighting."

"Natalie, how many people know about that rumor you're spreading around? You know, the one about how I think I'm a vampire!" I cried, ignoring David's comment.

"Well you're the one who told me that you think you're a vampire yesterday at the park. And then you had some guy dress up as a werewolf to scare me!" she replied.

"I did not tell Daniel to dress up as anything! And to think I actually trusted you." I stormed off, away from my former best friend.

I went to my locker, put all of my books back inside, and slid on my coat. I was not going to get made fun of all day because Natalie decided to spread around some rumor. So I walked out of the school and ran at full speed all the way home.

When I got inside, Gabriella was sitting on the couch writing something down in a notebook. I peered over her shoulder, it was a grocery list. "Shouldn't you be at school?" she asked, although it didn't sound like she really cared.

"I got sent home sick." I lied.

"That's funny, because the last time I checked, vampires don't get sick." She smirked at me and then turned back to her list.

"Fine. If you're so interested, I ditched school, ok?" I gave up in lying.

"Why? Did your thirst get the best of you?"

"No. My so called best friend is telling everyone that I think I'm a vampire. And now everyone at school thinks I'm crazy! I thought I could trust her with a secret!"

"You told her we were vampires?!?" she shrieked.

"Oops." I bit my tongue. "Please don't tell Alexander." I begged.

"Why should I do anything you say? You told him about Daniel!"

"I know and I'm sorry. I didn't know he would freak out like that. I'm new at being a vampire, what do you expect?" I defended myself.

"You know what's funny? I really don't care!" She gave me an icy stare and then strolled into the kitchen. I followed her in to find her picking up the phone.

"What are you doing?!?" I asked frantically.

"Calling Alexander. He's at the engineering company where he works right now."

"He still works there?" How he could he still work at the place where my dad used to work after killing him? Gabriella didn't answer me. Instead she punched in some numbers on the phone. "No!" I cried out.

I dived for the phone, but she dodged away. Then after waiting for a couple of seconds she spoke.

"Hi, Alexander. Do you want to know what Leslie's daughter did?" she asked in a cheerful voice. "She told one of her little friends---" Right before she told him, I knocked the phone out of her hands. Then I grabbed it and hung up.

"Ha!" I laughed in her face.

"That's fine. It will be much better to see his face when I tell him anyways." She strolled upstairs in glee.

"Ugh." I groaned to myself. Who was I kidding? Of course Alexander would find out when he got home. Well I'd better get prepare for some major yelling.

At five o'clock Alexander walked in the front door.

"I'm home." he called out.

Gabriella came running down the stairs, "Alexander! I'm so glad you're home because I really need to talk to you."

"I'm back from my first day at my new job!" my mom squealed as she walked in the door.

"Where do you work now anyways, mom?" I asked in curiosity.

"I work as a tour guide at that new historic museum."

"Oh. Cool." I hated history so I wasn't too excited.

"So as I was saying," Gabriella said louder than she needed to. "Do you want to know what Allison did?"

"First I want to know why you hung up on me earlier." Alexander replied.
"I didn't. She did!" She jabbed her finger at me.

"Why would you do that?" my mom asked me.

I looked around the room nervously, "It was an accident. I slipped and accidently knocked the phone out of her hands. Then when I went to pick it up I accidently pressed the wrong button and hung up on him. Sorry." I lied through my teeth. Gabriella shook her head and rolled her eyes.

"Whatever. Anyways, that's not what I was going to tell you. I was going to tell you how Allison told one of her friends our secret."

"What?!?" Alexander exploded.

"Allison how could you?" my mom asked me sounding dissapointed.

"I don't know what she's talking about. And besides, she told Daniel our secret first!" I tried to put the blame on Gabriella.

"I've already taken care of the Daniel situation. We are now focusing on you. Did you or did you not tell one of your friends that we're vampires? And I want the honest truth." Alexander told me sternly.

"Yes." I mumbled. "I'm sorry, but I thought I could trust her. But I was wrong. And now everyone at school thinks that I think I'm a vampire. Natalie told all of them, mom." I knew she would feel sympathetic for me. She knew how close me and Natalie were.

"Well you should have asked someone else before going and telling Natalie our secret. This is serious Allison!" She didn't sound sympathetic.

Gabriella was clearly enjoying all of this. She stood off to the side with a proud grin spread across her pale face. Alexander on the other hand was pacing back and forth mumbling to himself about how unbelievably untrustworthy I was.

"Well I'm sorry! I just thought that I could trust her!" I told everyone.

"Well I thought I could trust you!" Alexander shouted at me.

"Well atleast I'm not a murderer, you phsyco path!" I shouted back.

"Allison! That's enough!" my mom cried.

"Oh please! You're the one who's gonna marry some crazy guy who killed your own husband! Wait I forgot, you don't even care that your husband's dead! You found someone way better! Even though he's a phsyco! But you don't care about that either, do you?!?"

"Ouch." Gabriella muttered under her breath.

My mom gave me a look of lament. Then she turned on her heel and stomped up the stairs.

"Now look what you did." Alexander glared at me as he went after her.

I turned to look at Gabriella, "This is all your fault! Thanks alot!"

"You're welcome!" she replied cheerfully. Then she skipped upstairs with a smile on her face. That was when I decided that I'd had it. I was through being walked all over by Gabriella.

I stormed out the front door, not even knowing where I was going to go. Then I just ran aimlessly through the forest, letting out all of my built up energy. I sat down, leaning against a tree in the open meadow and closed my eyes.

"Hey." Daniel came up behind me in his human form.

"Oh, hi Daniel." I replied.

"What's wrong? You sound depressed."

"Well I kind of am. Your girlfriend just completely turned my own mother against me! And Alexander hates me too. Not that I care."

"How did she do that?" he asked, sounding concerned.

"Well you know how I told my best friend about how I'm a vampire right?" He nodded. "Ok, well Gabriella found out and she told Alexander. When she told him my mom was there too, so they both know now. Alexander yelled at me and my mom just got really disappointed. So then before I knew it, my mom and I were fighting. And I may have went a little too far."

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe she would do that!" He shook his head in disapproval. "I think I am going to break up with her."

My eyes lit up when he said that. "Oh, really?" I tried my best to sound surprised.

"Yeah, she's just too much for me to handle."

"Oh. Well, maybe that is a good idea then."

He nodded his head, "Yeah, I think it is. Well, I'm gonna go meet up with my pack now."

"Speaking of your pack," I said before he left. "I want to meet them sometime."

"Oh, ok. How about tomorrow? We can meet here around midnight." he offered.

"Sounds good." I agreed.

"Ok, bye." He walked off into the forest and I smiled to myself. I would show Gabriella not to mess with me. And I knew just the way to do it.

After finally coming back home that night, I lay in my bed trying to fall asleep. But I couldn't. I had way too much on my mind. The fight I'd had with my mom, the whole Gabriella situation, the thing with Natalie, my mom and Alexander getting married soon. It was just too much to handle!

So I took three deep breaths, silently counted to ten in my head, and closed my eyes. After laying there with my eyes shut for about fifteen minutes, I finally fell into a deep sleep.

The author's comments:
Here's chapter 12, enjoy :)

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This whole story is way to twilight!!!!  A werewolf thats russet colored.  You're practically copying everything straight out of the book.  You may have changed it a little, but everything and I must repeat everything is twilight!!!!!!

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i wonder what shes going to do