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May 12, 2010
By angelambie BRONZE, Thunder Bay, Other
angelambie BRONZE, Thunder Bay, Other
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The road seemed to get longer but i doubted it actually was. I thought about hitchhiking and turning back, there was no point as i already had gotten this far. It was dark and the cabin came into view. My running came to a slow pace as i confronted the summer house my family once used. I knew my parents would worry where i was but that wasn't going to stop me. I glanced at the silver watch on my right wrist which read 12:07 am. I pulled the bag i was carrying with me into reach and removed the cabin keys. I struggled to open the door as the lock wouldn't budge. I felt chills down my back and turned around frightened of who or what was there. They only thing i could see was a man's shadow under a light in the distance. The door opened before i had decided to give up, and creaked slightly as i pushed it open and threw the keys back into my purse. I turned around one more time to see if the person was still there but this time i didn't see anything not a light nor a shadow.Thinking nothing of it I walked inside shutting the door behind me then walked over beside the closet and flicked on the light switch. I glanced around, it has been such a long time i was here last, it just doesn't look they same as before. I wandered into the living room and into the kitchen setting my purse down on the counter. I pulled my phone from the pocket in my purse and checked my latest text messages one from Silver, one from Adrianna another from my brother Stephen.
Hey call me when you get to
Blackrock. I'm worried about you.
, Silver.

Hey I'm having a party at my house
call me when you get to -----.
, Adrianna.

Where the hell did you go?
Mom is gonna be pissed,
I'll cover for you until then.
, Stephen.
I wish i hadn't read the second message. I know now that i will have to go to the party, If Adrianna found out i didn't go she would hate me and at the moment i really don't want to face her, so i headed up the stairs walking into the bathroom. Before changing into my black V-neck and dark wash skinny jeans i peered at myself in the mirror tousling my brown curly hair, applying a thin coat of mascara and eyeliner. After finishing i pick up my cellphone calling Adrianna back asking her to send someone to pick me up. then texted my brother back then wandered around the house for something to do so i could pass the time. While i was upstairs i came across an old photo of my ex boyfriend owen and me. I heard a knock at the door and dropped the picture frame containing the photo of Owen and I onto the wooden floor beneathe me, shattering the glass. “I'm coming!” I yelled, while beginning to pick up shards glass and metal frame. I threw the remains into the trashcan in my old room on my way downstairs. Before leaving i grabbed my black leather coat and light yellow tote bag. I slowly opened the door to see Nate, he was entirely the only reason i hated Blackrock. It wasn't because of his perfect hair, eyes or flawless skin, it was because of the way he smiled when he thought i wasn't paying any attention to him, the immature way he acted that is worse than an eighteen year old should. “Hey babe” he murmured, “I missed you!” he added while throwing out his hands in front of himself implying for me to give him a hug. But the thought never stepped foot into my mind, i ignored Nate while attempting to step around him, but was caught by a hand. He pushed me on to the closet door the handle jabbed into the small of my back causing my knees to buckle under my weight. “where do you think your going?” he questioned before removing his hand off my shoulder. “Nate, lets just go, please?”

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