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The Firefighters

May 6, 2010
By CodyBalls GOLD, Richmond, Missouri
CodyBalls GOLD, Richmond, Missouri
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Smoke billows into the air as the flames reach toward the sky growing and growing as they gain momentum. Sirens in the near distance growing louder in volume as they come closer. From the house you can hear 4 people screaming, their cries for help reaching unthinkable pitches as the fire truck skids into the driveway throwing gravel this way and that. The firemen exit the truck with ease, as if they were acrobats performing their daily routine. Two men rush to get a hose hooked up and start spraying down the ever growing fire. Meanwhile, two of the bigger more burly firemen grab n axe and a battering ram to break down the front door in an attempt to save the people trapped inside.


One hit with the battering ram and the front door crumbles. The two firemen rush into the flames towards the living room where the screams were resonating from not 5 minutes ago. One of the men starts to walk into the living room when all of a sudden the doorway collapses on top of him. The second fireman rushes to help him, and get the debris off of him. He clears everything away, and hoists his partner’s body onto his shoulder and runs him out of the burning building. As they both make it out of the front door the rest of the house collapses in a huge fiery heap.

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