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March 22, 2010
By YoureCrazy GOLD, Loveland, Colorado
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"Once apon a time ago, there was this girl. She was physic-" Her mother, Melissa, started.

" What's a physic, Mommy?" Kate asked.

" A person that can do special stuff that other people can't do. Now, this girl was walking into a new school and when she was walking, she bumped into a mysterious person. The person looked up and growled at her and walked on. When she got home her stuff was shattered. There was a tap on her shoulder and she turned around. There was nobody there. She turned back around and and started into her room." The alarm sounded and her mother rushed out of Kate's room. Kate got up slowly and put her hand on the door nob. The door nob turned and her door creaked open. She heard her mother scream and Kate ran down to check why Melissa screamed. Kate found her on the kitchen floor covered in blood.

"Mommy!!!!" Kate screamed. She shook her mother hard and uselessly.

"Hush, child." Her mother whispered.

" Mommy." Kate whined.

" Do you want to know who that girl was?" Kate nodded. " The name was-" But Melissa spitted out blood and grew silent.

"MOMMY!!!!" Kate screamed at the top of her lungs. Sirens started to grow louder and finely a parametic came rushing in.

Chapter 1-
"O.K, smile for the camera, Kate." Cody said.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I don't like my picture taken?" I asked. Cody shot up and looked at me questionly.

" Um, like 2,000,000 times." I rolled my eyes and opened my locker. Cody has been my bestest friend for like what? 7 years? He has chocolate brown eyes and black hair. In my opinion, he's cute. Macy came rushing up to me and hugged me tightly.

"Hey, Mocha." She greeted. Mocha was my nickname because I love coffee and my hair was the color. Plus, with streakes of platium blond, blue, pink, and purple.

" Hey, Skittles." I greeted back. She looked at Cody.

"Hey, dickweed." She smiled.

" Hey, S**t." He said back.

" I was just kidding."

" Yeah,I know. I was too." I saw him cross his fingers. I slapped him upside the head.

" C'mon. Let's go." I started to English and stepped inside and took my seat. We had assigned seats so Macy went to her seat.

" O.K, today class, we have a new student."Mrs. Grant said. An emo kid came in. My eyes grew bigger. He had black hair that was in a crown and ice blue eyes. 'Oh my god' I thought. "Everyone, this is Zach." Zach looked around and his eyes stopped on me. " Would you like to tell us about us, Zach?" Mrs. Grant said.

" No." He stated simiply.

" O.K. You can go and sit by Celine, over there. " She pointed to the very front of the room where a red haired girl with braces and frizzy hair was sitting. She looked up and slid over more to the wall. He sat down and turned to look at me again and then meet my eyes. I smiled at him and he smiled back and turned back to the front. A notebook polped on my desk. I looked at Macy and back down to the notebook and back up to her. She shrugged and motioned for me to open it and read it. So I opened it and it said.

' Want to invite him to sit by us at lunch?' I looked at her and wrote down this:

'YES!! By the way, he is so hot.' I repeated the words in my head and when I looked back up, I saw a amused look on Zach's face. I quickly shut it and looked around, so nobody can see the transportation, and transfered it back to Macy. I saw a folded up piece of paper flicked at me. I reached down and got it. It said this:

'What's your name?' I wrote down Kate and passed it to the direction it came from. I saw Zach reach for it and he scribbled down something and threw it back at me. I looked where it landed and back up to him. He smiled. I reached for it and the person across the isle give me a weriod look. I gave it back at her and opened the note.

' That's cool. Mine is Zach but I go as Blue. Do you go as anything?'

'Yeah, Mocha. My friends call me that. Would you like to meet them?' I threw it back at him and he catched it and wrote down something.

'That would be nice' I read. I smiled at him and he did the same.

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