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My teacher is missing : Part II

January 31, 2010
By Baby_kay24 BRONZE, IU, Alaska
Baby_kay24 BRONZE, IU, Alaska
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Chapter 3: Another School Day

That day I get to school and all in homeroom is talk that Mrs. Akerman is dead and that me and Carlina are investigating the whole thing. When it was only me and Carlina that knew about Mrs. Akerman it was nice because we had our own secret and our own private job to do, But now half the school knows and half of them know that I am apart of it and all of a sudden I get bombarded with questions about the death. Before this I was the geeky kid with glasses with a popular best freind, and I was cool with that I never really wanted to be popular, if this is making me popular then anyone can be popular because i'm not doing that much , just making a few phone calls. I wish people would just back off and let me do the investigation with Carlina and not have to worry about anything else.

I was thinking about that all day impatiently looking at the clock waiting for three-thirty to roll around so I can go home and continue the investigation.


Yes the bell has rang I get to go home now!!!!

Chapter 4: Part IV Of Investigation: Brittney Morris

"Hey Carlina. Let's call CVS."


We dial the number.....ring......ring....ring....ring

"Hello. CVS how can I help you?"

" HI. Is Brittney Morris there."

" Yes. One second please."

In the backround I hear

" Brittney line 1."

" Hey this is Brittney."

"Hi Brittney, This is Taylor. My teacher was killed
in your CVS last night and a witness said you were one of the employees there."

" Yes I was there, I called the police."

"Ok so can you tell me exactly what happened?"

" Ummmm, I actually was just told to call the police. I was sitting in my office when someone yelled "Call the Police" so I did."

" Ok can you tell me who actually was there?"

" Yes it was Danny."

" Ok may I talk to him?"

"Yes hold on."

" Ok."

" Hey. Im Danny. What can I do for you?"

" HI, Danny. I'm Taylor. My teacher was killed in CVS last night and I was told you were there the whole time."

" Yes, yes I was."

" Can you please tell me what happened?"

" Yes. A lady walked into the store alone and a strange looking man came in a few seconds later. The lady walked over to the hair products. The man walked into the aisle next to her and in a few seconds I heard a gun fire. I walk over there and the lady is laying on the floor and the man, the gun, and the bullet have disappeared."

" Like just left or vanished."

" It was like he vanished 'cause there was no other way to leave except the front door and he didn't leave that aisle."

" Okay Thank you .. I will call you later for further refrences."

" Mmkay."

" Bye."

" Bye."

Me and Carlina look at eachother puzzled.

" He vanished???!!!!!!"

" Apparently"

" Come on let's go talk to Mrs. Akerman's cousin about this maybe he will know what to do."

We walk to talk to Mrs. Ackerman's cousin and tell him the terrifying story we have just been told. He opens the door and we rush in and say:

"We have really important news."

" Well what is it?"

" Mrs. Akerman was .......shot."

" Oh."

" I'm sorry, but then next part is the creepy part we wanted to share with you that our freind Danny has told us."
(*sniff, sniff*) " Ok shoot."

" Danny told us that she walked in to CVS and a few seconds later a creepy looking man walked in and while Mrs. Akerman was looking at hair products the man walked into the aisle next to that then he hears a gun shot. He runs over there and sees Mrs.Akerman dead on the ground. He looks around and the man, gun,and the bullet have all vanished."

" Vanished Ehh"

" Yeah that's the part we wanted your help with. Do you belive in ghosts?"

" Ummmm kinda why?"

" Since the man quickly disappered possibly through the wall or floor we were thinking that its a .......'


" Yes."

" How would that be possible?"

" Well anything can happen and ghosts can be anyone so it's possibly someone Mrs. Akerman knew that hated her."

" It's possible"

" Think about what we told you and next time we will call you or you can call us if you change your mind about anything."

" Ok, Thanks"

" Yep."

Part V of Investigation: Calling witnesses back

When we got home we decided we would need to call Danny back and tell him what we think it is. So we call Danny:

" CVS"

" HI, Is Danny there."

" Yes hold on."

" Yo' this is Danny"

" Danny, This is Taylor."

" Oh ,Hey"

" Hey, we think the person that murdered Mrs. Akerman is a ghost"

" WHAT??????!!!!!!"

" Yes..there is no other way for someone to dissapear that quickly without being a ghost."

" Ok thank you for telling me this. I need to get back to work."

" OK, bye"

" Bye."


" Carlina I think we need to call David and Officer Summers next."

" Ok, Who first?"

" I think Officer Summers. He is a cop."

" K "

" Mannsville Police Station."

" Hi, Is Officer Summers there?"

" Speaking"

" HI, This is Taylor"

" Oh hey Taylor, did you find anything out."

" Actually we found out the whole thing"

" Ok well tell me"

" We found out that Mrs. Akerman has been shot and we think it was by a ghost."

" A ghost???"

"Yes we were informed that the man that shot Mrs. Akerman disappered quickly not only him but the gun and the bullet."

" Oh, I see. I actually completley agree."

" Thank you for listening we now have to call David Dowell."
" Mhmm. Bye."

" Bye."

" Should we call David now?"

" Yeah I think that would be best"


" David Dowell."

" Hi David, It's Taylor. We have completley investigated Mrs. Ackerman's death. To come to that she was shot in CVS by a..a ghost."

" Huh?!"

" Yes a ghost ,because the man, gun,and bullet all practically vanished."

" Hmmmmm. I think it was a ghost then.

" Thank you. But I have another call coming in."

" Bye."

" Bye."
" UMM Hello?"

"HI this is Mrs. Akerman's cousin"

" O yes hi."

" I think it is a ghost too."

" Oh really?"

" Yes."

" Ok well thanks."

" Mhmmm. Bye."

" Umm Bye."
We hang up the phone. Carlina goes home and the next day is school.

Chapter 5: The news and school:

The next day I wake up and turn the news on like I always do, But this morning I see something I don't normally see on the news ..... Mrs. Akerman's house and her cousin being interveiwed. So it looks like he called the news and told them how Mrs. Akerman was killed and by what.

I get to school and everyone is surronding me. Even the teachers. It was completley and totally weird. But that's not what stopped me walking into homeroom...

What stopped me was a transparent figure of Mrs. Akerman touching my shoulder in a picture that was taken for the yearbook picture... When the yearbooks where handed out that's all that was being talked about : " Did you see the ghost of Mrs. Akerman in the picture with Taylor?"

Somedays I wish I was there with Mrs. Akerman away from all drama..But then I think about it "She" is the one with me down here taking care of me and Carlina because we decoded her death and took care of her cousin...........


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