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Assassinated: A Short Story Trilogy

January 20, 2010
By SabreEleven DIAMOND, Madeira, Ohio
SabreEleven DIAMOND, Madeira, Ohio
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Assassinated: A Short Story Trilogy
Assassination in New York

Jason Baker rubbed his hands together as he awaited his target to come out of the tall, brick building. He had been a hit man for almost three years now. He loved his job and everything about it. There was the suspense, the satisfaction, the need. Yes, the need. The need for blood fuelled him. It fuelled Jason. It made him who he was, a killer. A monster.

Jason loaded nine bullets into his 9mm pistol and pulled the neck gator up past his nose. It was freezing outside. It was a perfect time for him to commit murder. Not too many people would be out.

A door opened across the street and Jason looked up. It was his target, Cliff Mallow. Jason watched as Cliff pulled his gloves and hat on and headed to his car.

Jason began making his way toward Cliff. Showtime. He checked his backup weapon, a pipe. It was securely tucked into his long leather overcoat.

Cliff looked up right as Jason sauntered up to him. Jason pulled the gun from his coat and quickly realized it didn’t have a silencer. Crap. He brought the pipe out of his coat with one swift motion.

Cliff began messing with his keys as Jason got within three feet of him. Jason took a swipe with the pipe and broke Cliff’s hand. Jason took another quick swipe and it connected with Cliff’s kneecap. The crack of Cliff’s knee could be heard for miles.

Jason motioned for Cliff to open his mouth. Cliff did as he was told. Jason put the pipe in Cliff’s mouth and told him to sit down.

Cliff sat down and Jason opened the car door. Jason placed Cliff’s good hand in the open door and slammed it on Cliff’s hand, breaking it instantly. His screams were muffled because of the pipe.

Jason locked the car door with Cliff’s hand still in it. Next, Jason told Cliff to lie back against the car and Cliff did so. Jason placed his hand on the end of the pipe not in Cliff’s mouth and pushed. The pipe went down Cliff’s throat, finishing him off.

Jason Baker fled the scene. He was never caught and is still at large.

Jason Baker, the unstoppable assassin.

Assassination in New York, Part 2

Jason Baker sped down the city streets. He had just killed a man named Cliff Mallow. There was no motive; just that Jason was an assassin.

Jason pulled off his neck gator as he made a sharp turn onto 5th avenue. The police were bound to show up soon.

His next target was a man that resided in New York ten minutes away, Grady Grayson. He lived in an apartment and spent most of his time in it, with his wife and three kids.

Jason drove to his destination and pulled into the parking lot across the street. He put the neck gator back on and pulled his hood over his head, then got out.

He had to kill this man silently, no witnesses. And he couldn’t kill the wife or children either. So, Jason slipped a knife into his belt and tucked a silenced PP9 into his belt and pulled his shirt down over them. He then walked across the street, into the apartment parking lot. He slipped into the building undetected and his under the stairs.

Next, Jason quietly made his way up the stairs to Grady’s third story apartment. Then, a problem presented itself. How was he supposed to get inside the apartment? He would just have to wait.

An hour later, Grady came out of the apartment, alone. Perfect. Jason had to make his move, now. He grabbed Grady and kneed him between the legs. Next, Jason took a rag and stuffed it into Grady’s mouth.

Grady looked hopeless as Jason tied him up. Jason picked him up and carried him out to his car and threw him in the backseat.

Jason got in the driver’s seat and drove for fifteen minutes to a nearby lake. He got out and grabbed Grady. Jason then shattered Grady’s windpipe and threw him in the lake. Grady would be dead within minutes, he would drown.

Jason Baker got back in his car as if nothing had happened and began driving to his next destination, Point Lookout, Maryland.

Assassination in Maryland

Jason Baker, the unstoppable assassin stepped from his car. He had driven for hours and was finally in Point Lookout, Maryland. His objective was to eliminate all the residents in Point Lookout.

He walked to his trunk and opened it. A fifty caliber sniper rifle was at the bottom of a whole mess of different weapons. Jason removed a serrated army knife from a box and grabbed his sniper rifle and a SPAS-12 shotgun.

Jason slung the rifle over his back, clipped the shotgun to his belt and slipped the knife into its sheath. Jason shut the trunk and locked it, and then he walked into the “visitor’s” building.

He was greeted by a man in a green polo and tan pants.
“Hello,” The man said, gulping.

Jason said nothing as he pointed to the back room. The man walked into the room and Jason ran in and slit his throat. Blood seeped from the cut onto Jason’s hand as he dragged the body into a closet.

He took the man’s shirt and wrapped it around his head and he also cut a slit to see from. Jason walked from the building and looked around. He slid the knife back into its sheath and walked up the road.

He knew this would be his last day as an assassin. He could feel it. He had a keen sense for noticing these things.

A bullet whizzed past his head and he ducked for cover. Four more shots cracked off and he made a break for his car.
“Your killing days are over!” A voice said. It was coming from a megaphone.

It was the police. How had they found him?

Jason made it to his car and as he was getting in, a bullet entered through the back of his head and exited through the front, leaving behind a massive hole.

Jason Baker was dead for good. The unstoppable assassin was no more.

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on Feb. 15 2010 at 12:05 am
SabreEleven DIAMOND, Madeira, Ohio
51 articles 0 photos 132 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Backpack, gimme another beer!" --Nate Bell

thanks, yeah i had a lot of fun writing this one.

on Feb. 13 2010 at 5:57 pm
that's a brave ending. usually people avoid killing the main character (ie: Jason in this) for fear of the rabid fans. :P

anyway, cool info about the guns and how he used a different one and etc! kudos! :D