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Alice in Slumber land (3)

November 21, 2009
By Madeline.Pearl PLATINUM, Smithville, Texas
Madeline.Pearl PLATINUM, Smithville, Texas
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The suns silver haze slid across the streets. It was day time here, unlike that of reality. I wish i could have been black sky's to match my black dreams, But you know in my head i never get what i want.

The Rabbit, hare thing was still a head of me. It was strange. A freaking talking rabbit was leading me through my mind. Maybe this meant something. Did i used to have a fear for bunny's? Did i like bunnys? Apparently the trauma of my parents Life simmering away, made me forget things, just not the things i wanted to forget.

"Alice, Hurry along we are late for a very important date!" He muttered out from under his watch. He kept looking at the darn thing after step after step. "Hurry!'

"Fine fine." I said racing up behind him. I now stood at his side. Rushing, trying to mak emy step resemble his.

"Were almost there!" He screeched with excitement

"And where is there?????"


What tea? seriously i'm dragged into my head to have a tea party with a Rabbit. This makes since.

We wondered into a huge field, I've never seen before. How did it get there weren't we just on my street. Ugh my dreams where starting to freak me out a little.

"Hurry along deary. Oh and dont pick a single flower..."

"I wasent planning on it?" I said looking through the tall grass to set my eyes on the bluest flowers i've ever seen. "What type of flowers are they?"

"Blue memory's! of course. They make you remember only the worst things that have ever happen to you. Once Stephani the squirrel picked one and all she could remember was a fire.. you see she had a Happy life and when she took one she only remembered the horrid things.. there was only one. she lost her memory forever." He said turning back with a huge smile, showing off his buck teeth.

"Well why cant i take one. its not like i have any memorys to remeber!" I said bending down about to snach one, when he suddently edged his feet off and kicked me down.

"Sorry, but isent the reason your here to remember things. and wouldnt that ruin it?"

He was right! what was i thinking... "Yeah Yeah yeah, wait i thought you said we were almost there.. to the umm tea party"

"We are.. you see that tree over there.." he pointed to a huge oak at the center of the meadow.

"Yes... so its a picnic!"

"Oh heavens no, Mr. Turtle would hate to have to be out side."

"Wait... what"

"Noo need for this chatter we must hurry"

Suddenly i found myself running along side the rabbit to the tree

When we arrived there was not a soul insight. The rabbit was feeling up on the tree as if looking for something. His hand twirled around a knob in the trees skin. he used all he strength punching on it. Suddenly it feel into the tree as if it was hollow . and a huge combunction of noises acured. it sounded like.. Foot Steps?

"Mr. Hatter? you there..." he screamed at the branches..

The trees outter shell clasped in and a figure appeared in the dark door way

"Your late...." He said stepping out to the mist of light. "Alice... i thought you where suppose to be blonde.... or do my eyes deserve me?"

"Umm sir i do not know you... and i have never been blonde and never will be"
I said looking at my dark black hair that swung at my sides about where my red dresses satch tumbled around my waste .

"Ohh i see, well at least you have the blue eyes like your grandmother." He said stepping aside "Come in Come in we must not keep the other guest wateing.."

i was about to ask how he knew my grand mother had blue eyes...but intead i stepped into the tree.

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