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February 1, 2023
By JustinHammond GOLD, Wilimington, Delaware
JustinHammond GOLD, Wilimington, Delaware
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So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” - Christopher Reeve

“Who lies for you will lie against you. Think of that next time.” The damned demon told me as I looked onward around the table, and noticed that my friends were also trying to hide behind their cards, and stood up straight in their chairs. 

Hearing that gave me chills, as I shuddered to think of anyone betraying me. Not here, not now! But I knew what I was probably getting myself into as I bought the “special” Uno cards. Saled and taxed as I bought it, thinking that the game would be fun. But I just had to intercept my friends from reality and give them the cards. Each equally disrupted each of my four friends. THANK GOD! It was only four. Plus myself so… I guess five? But that’s where the weirdness began….. As soon as the game began, the deck of cards grew on and on. Till it suited each player participating! Growing and growing to fill up the equal number of cards for each player. Starting out with five and onwards to seven, and my brother had to join! 


“Little brother. Can I join my little brother?” He strode over, as the chairs around the table increased. 

“I think I have a name. Please use it?” I eyed him as he searched for a chair.

“Oh, radical! you got a name?” 

“I’ve got a name.” 

“You do? Oh yea!” He pulls up the chair now. 

“I’ve got a name, big brother! Ew!” 

“Can someone give me sugar?” He shows us a four on his hands. 

“Four sugar? No.” I turned my head, “Can you be funnier?” I looked at him. 

“You know, little brother, laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” 

“You know he’s right, right?” My best friend O’Teke Nathongs grins.

“O’treke, did I ask you?” I faceplant, “But what do you mean?”  

“Wawa, boohoo.” O’Treke imitates crying, and laughs, “Laughter is the thing that brings ones together! It’ll unite people, and bring groups of people together. Like this, us playing the newest game UNO with laughter Edwardo. Can’t you understand that? Laughter unites. Laughter is what keeps us together, like in the movie It’s A Wonderful life.”  

“Ok.” I said and he goes on, 

“We’ve heard good things about each other and the game of cards. From what the instructions say, this is going to be the funniest game ever. Like how to play and the way the game’ll be played.” He said. 

“Nailed it.” Laughed Eli Evan, “Why can't you be this wize little brother?”

“I am? You didn’t notice? Eli?” I now picked up the deck of cards, “You wild.” I flashed the card. 

“Ok! Little brother!’’ Eli eyed me, and said, “Is anyone else joining?” 



From that point on, the game began as the cards were given out. Across the table the cards went, as I quickly shuffled them as told. As told from the shop owner. The shop owner was right up front with the exception of telling me the cards. Desperately and with seriousness between him and one thing stuck inside my ear. 

“Nothing is so burdensome as a secret, like these cards.” The shop owner looked at me and then looked at my girlfriend, and possessed, snatched her hand, “It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help.”

“Oh!” My girlfriend snapped and pulled her hand away, looking around, and nobody saw, “One word of warning can warm three winter months in jail. Ask if you want to see my hands.” My girlfriend rubs her hand, “One word can warm three winter months in jail.” 

I reached forward and shoved the shop owner, “Hands off!” I went on, “Nothing is so burdensome? Alright. Thank you for that.” I turned around to my girlfriend, and she gave me a look. 

We left the store and thought over his language. 

“Nothing is so burdensome as a secret? I guess he could be implying that burdens are the secrets and the worse the secret gets, the worst the burden gets? I think I’ve heard it before as a story in the bible? Or like a fib kept told all grown and grown?” My girlfriend explained, “Father Larry gave me the idea.” 

“Father Larry?” It then hit me, “With his help, not your help, you discovered your greatest qualities. That is probably your greatest quality. You want to help people and you can. Just by me discovering that quality, without your help to begin with but Larry’s.” 

“That’s his name, alright.” She then turns to me, “That makes sense.” 

“Father Larry, hmm. What a peculiar name for a father.

“Please don’t make fun of him.” 

“No, no, no. Imma boy, it’s what we do. Make fun of Father Larry. 

“Just nothing short of a name, can I guess his last name is Boy? Larry Boy.” I grin, “Larry Boy and the fib from outer space.” I laughed and turned my head. 

“Not funny.” She said and noticed that we reached the end of our walk. 


She kissed me and I (for a weird thing, held it longer than any other kiss, I guess now I’m glad I held the lips longer than usual as it was the last time we ever kissed) allowed it and kissed her back. As the wind approached and god approved the wind. Approving the wind, we noticed it as we pulled away. 

“Sail on sailor.” She laughed and kissed me on the cheek, and I laughed as well. 

“Cya later, surfer girl.” I grin at her and (possessed) I kissed her once again. 

“Who’s turn is it next?” Asked Ultron Upton, and looked over his cards, now noticing that he has no yellows, or did he? 

Snapped back to reality, I wanted to cry to kiss my girl, again! To see her! But I cannot!

“The turn isn’t mine.” Renny Remington replied, and looked at his cards. 

Eyeing around the table, I felt the demon pursing his lips, as he strode round the place. 

“It’s got to be somebody’s.” Sosa Stingman nodded, and looked over. 

“Who is it? The game has to keep going!” The demon demanded. 

“Color is now green.” Whimpered Tim Tickerman said, and threw the card down. 

“Draw five cards?” Complained 

“Draw five cards with what it said.” 

“Don’t draw five, d-d-dr-dr-draw ten.” Williams Walkins

“Ten?” Steven O’starlands draws, the demon laughed and pointed, the flames rose

“Who’s turn is it now?” The demon asked and stopped walking. 

“O’treke’s turn.” I replied and eyed the seat where my brother used to sit.

The author's comments:

First piece of writing into the genre of horror, a friend told me I'm a bit weak and action is my better calling besides horror. So I'm optimistic about this piece of writing into horror. 

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