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a dream. a nightmare.

September 7, 2021
By aprilsunshinedavis BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
aprilsunshinedavis BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

~Jacques Cousteau

a dream. 

I sink, knowing that I should be drowning but somehow am able to breathe. I open my eyes, anticipating the sting of the salty sea, but instead feel nothing but wonder. It is a paradise like no other. The creatures swim as if they’re in some sort of blissful stupor. They pass me without a care in the world. Though I feel as if I should be afraid, I am not. They’re calm too, it’s as if we have a silent pact of peace. Why bother breaking it? It would break the blissful communion we have here. I hear a blaring alarm sound and blink, surprised to hear any noise in this magical, silent world under the sea. When I open my eyes again, I realize this: it was a dream. 

a nightmare. 

The sky suddenly becomes dark, as if there is an approaching storm. But I know it is not so.The squawks and falling feathers give them away. The crows descend, their evil beaks glistening in the sun. THeir beady eyes roam, looking for someone to attack. They lock on me in unison, the lone figure in a sea of dead, swaying grass. I break out in a cold sweat, afraid of what they might do to me. They swarm over me, pushing me to the ground with their sheer force. I gasp as their beaks peck at me and their claws dig into my skin. Suddenly, an alarm blares, startling the crows and me. I blink in surprise and I realize this: it was a nightmare.

The author's comments:

Written while extremely bored reminiscing over Divergent, waiting for a test to be done. 

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