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To The Office

December 5, 2019
By Sunfluf BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Sunfluf BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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“The office called,” my teacher whispered to me, “they said they want you to come down immediately.” Giving me a quick nod before making her way back to her desk.

My heartbeat quickens, swiping my pencils and notebooks off my desk to start the trec there.  The silence of the classroom weighing down on my chest as my thoughts race around my head like a racecar on its track. I pack my bag, trying not to show my worriment, feeling their eyes pierce the back of my head. 

Whispers come at me from every corner, speculating what I could’ve done. The loudest coming from one specific direction. My head ringing from the sounds that follow me to the door. Stepping out into the hallway, I head left down the abandoned hallway towards the office.

Why do they want me? Maybe someone started another lame rumor that causes the whole school rile up then disappears into thin air like nothing even happened. 

Or maybe they found something out.

The thought intrudes my head, like someone else speaking to me, but only I can hear it. My eyes scan the walls before landing on one lonely corner, right next to the stairwell leading down to the main floor. The slight shadow only somewhat hiding the figure standing there, watching and waiting for me.

They found nothing, even if they did it can all be explained with a quick explanation, I’ve always been good with those. Coming up with things right on the spot to distract them from the truth. Maybe someone told them that I was the reason that the fight broke out last week. 

It was your fault.

But I can hide that truth with some well crafted lies.

They can’t hide what is locked away in your house, all of the lies that you have built up over the years from your past life.

I shake my head, throwing the intrusive thoughts out, although they come right back like a boomerang. 

I open the door leading to the stairwell and start the descent to the first floor, feeling my every step being watched from afar. 

They all know you’re at fault, you’re going to crack after one single question and all your hard work will go down the drain. Just like what happened with your sister and mother, just the same cycle happening over and over —

“Would you just stop!?” I turn around, expecting to come face to face with the shadowy creature. Yet, I find him still watching in the back corner. 

I step backwards, keeping my eyes on him until my back hits the cool door handle for my exit. Reaching behind to turn the knob, I rush out and slam it shut.

Just one more hallway and then I’m there, one more until I can figure out what exactly the think--


I did or didn’t do, easy as that. 

I quicken my pace, rushing past the plain doors and lockers lining the walls. Passing the shadowy creature as he continues to reappear in every corner or ditch. 

I don’t know anything about that, I recite in my head,  I didn’t do anything.If I continue to repeat it then it will become my truth and they won’t know any difference.

I see the gloomy grey door at the final end to the hallway, looking so far yet way too close for comfort. 

I guess I just have to see what they want, with one more deep breath ; I push my thoughts away.

The shadowy figure still watching, their eyes focused on me as I try to push the feeling away, and finally make my way to find what my truth will be.

The author's comments:

This piece is about someone walking to the office with no clue to why they're being called down while being followed by their intrusive thoughts.

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